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Old 05 July 2015, 15:24   #21
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Maybe you saw this thread on Amibay?

Thats the one I use anyway.. BenQ BL702A, 5:4 ratio, syncs to 15kHz, so it works just fine with dbl pal (flicker free) in WB and then lowres 15kHz for games.
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Old 05 July 2015, 22:51   #22
nam nam nam

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Originally Posted by UberFreak View Post
Only 4:3 CRT for me.

Tried multiple LCD monitors with the Amiga, never liked the image.
Exactly I use a Small Sony Trinitron Flat WEGA CRT with RGB SCART.

Best Picture. ( For Gaming; its the best and the way it meant to be )
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Old 05 July 2015, 22:59   #23
Mrs Beanbag
Glastonbridge Software
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CRTs have their plus points, but i've not got a big enough house
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Old 05 July 2015, 23:04   #24
Missile Command Champion

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So, you live in hobbit houses these days? A small CRT doesn't take that much space. For some strange reason there was enough space for CRTs in the 80s/90s.
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Old 05 July 2015, 23:12   #25
Mrs Beanbag
Glastonbridge Software
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a 19" CRT would take up half my desk! and then i wouldn't have anywhere to put the Amiga!
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Old 06 July 2015, 03:39   #26
B14ck W01f
m68k all the way
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14" CRT TV. I have to admit that I am used to it after I last used my Commodore 64.

Well, I was using my Amiga 500 with a 17" LG Widescreen TV, which allowed you to adjust the aspect ratio so that it displays 4:3 or 16:9. I didn't like the fuzzy picture, and I don't trust LCD monitors anymore.
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Old 06 July 2015, 09:01   #27
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I've been using different types of monitors: CRT - 1084S, Microvitec 1538 as well as LCD Samsung 741 LCD TV & Samsung 711 LCD TV and have recently bought BenQ LED monitor which quite ok as well.
CRT screens give really good quality.
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Old 06 July 2015, 12:57   #28
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Got to be a 4:3 TV or monitor (or low-res LCD TV via SCART.) Personally I run a Commodore 1940 @ 640 x 480. Retro games stretched to 16:9 just look wrong, and black borders are ugly too.
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Old 06 July 2015, 14:29   #29
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I have a 1084S with the following systems all connected through a scart switcher. I am not keen on using LCD displays with old systems.

A1200 - RGB
C64 - Composite
Spectrum+ 128 toastrack - RGB
BBC Micro model B- RGB
NES - Composite
N64 - Composite
Mega drive - Composite
Atari 2600 - Composite modded

I have got a CD32 with RGB mod connected to my 55" LCD in the living room which doesn't look to bad.

1084S version - http://gona.mactar.hu/Commodore/moni...-P_ebay.de.jpg

Scart Switcher - http://ecx.images-amazon.com/images/...500_AA300_.jpg
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Old 08 July 2015, 12:19   #30

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1084s and a CM8833-II What else could you need?
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Old 08 July 2015, 13:16   #31
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Yep I'm using a 42" Sony bravia. Only because its easier to hook up and from where I sit its not right in my face and looks its OK despite the wide screen ratio.
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Old 08 July 2015, 14:48   #32
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A500 on 1084s monitor, CD32 on TV 32" samsung.
The TV is widescreen, but I set it in 4:3 mode (lateral black edges).
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