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Making Shoot Em Ups with Reality Game Engine

Hi all - I ve recently been looking at the Reality Game Engine and I am in the process of making a shoot em up game - Kingdoms of Steam and a Dizzy Adventure type of Game - Dylan the Spaceman.

The aim of this thread is to provide a single place for users to find all the materials they need to create shoot em ups with reality and ask questions about the Shoot em up skeleton disk.

Ok - so first of all - Reality Game Engine was a software creation tool written in AMOS - it contained a master disk which contained various editors and different skeleton disks to use for the type of game you wanted to make.

To make a shoot em up game you will need the Reality Master disk and the Shoot em up skeleton disk - both have hopefully been attached to this thread and were downloaded from this forum previously.

You can access the Shoot Em up skeleton disk editor either by loading the skeleton disk and then pressing escape or right mouse button - or by loading the master disk and then selecting load skeleton disk.

When you do either of these you will be asked which level to load. Then you will be taken to a menu screen containing

LOAD REALITY - this will take you back to the main reality disk editor where you can create level maps - convert iff pictures to reality format etc

LOAD LEVEL - this allows you to load levels for editing

SAVE LEVEL - this will save the level after you have made changes to the attack waves

ATTACK WAVES - this brings up the attack waves editor - each wave can contain up to 10 enemies - each enemy can be assigned a different sprite or attack pattern. For some reason I can only make levels with 30 attack waves although it should be possible to make larger levels

LOAD STATS - this loads in the main data for the overall game such as how many levels the game has - where on the screen the score appears etc

SAVE STATS - this will save changes to the game data - do not select this unless you have already loaded stats - otherwise all the data will contain 0 values and you will not be able to test your game or edit it - This has been the mistake I made the most when making Kingdoms of Steam

EDIT STATS - this is where you go to change values to your game in terms of location of main player sprite - number of lives -number of levels - sounds to play - cost of power ups etc

GRAB PALETTE - this allows you to set the pallette for the score menu and for the different levels - each level can have a different pallette - however the sprites and tiles for your levels can only use the first 16 colours of the pallette - also colour 0 is reserved for transparency so can only be used for background tiles and not sprites - Also colour 1 is used for transparency of background tiles if you want to have a copper background. Therefore you have 14 colours to use for your background and sprites for each level.

SPECIALS: This function allows you to add mid and end of level events - there are seven to choose from

Special one - is a dragon type of enemy which appears on the right of the screen and fire out one bullet - the enemy moves up and down

Special Two - Is an asteroid type shower - rocks or sprites fall from the top of the screen - you need to have three sprites for this special item but they are not animated.

Special three - Mines - these appear at the bottom of the screen an move to the top - yet again you need three sprites but they are not animated

Special Four - ships appear from the left and from the right - you need 6 sprites - 3 for left to right and 3 for right to left sprites - yet again these sprites are not animated

Special Five: A big enemy made up of 3 sprites - it fires out 6 bullets

Special Six - A big enemy - no animation - appears on right of screen and fires 3 bullets to the left

Special Seven - A big enemy - no animation - appears on left of screen and fires 3 bullets to the right

General Notes about Shoot em up disk

You need a seperate folder for each level - if you want to have 6 levels, then you need to create 6 folders - one per level otherwise you will not be able to increase the number of levels in the STATS editor

Each level folder needs to contain
The enemy sprites
The background tiles
The level map
The map values
The pallette
The attack waves
The level data

You also have a main folder which contains
The game over screen
The game completed screen
The main sprites file (contains the score menu and the main player sprite)

There is a PDF manual for Reality - I will try to work out how to share these on this post as it currently exceeds the file size limit.

Limitations of Reality
The enemies can have a maximum of 4 animation frames
The main palyer ship can only have 2 frames i think
The sounds are currently limited to those available on the sound disk - unless someone can create a programme which will convert samples to the Reality file format
You cannot add music to the levels
You cannot include cut scenes between levels
You can amend the bullet shapes and power and length of time but you have to maintain the same number of power ups
You cannot change the speed of the enemies or the main player ship
You cannot change the scrolling speed of the levels.

If anyone wants to have a go with creating a shoot em up with reality you should have enough to start from this post - any problems just post here and I will try to help.

As far as I am aware there were 3 shoot em up games made with reality and they are

Seemore Toyland Capers
[ Show youtube player ]

Seemore Underwater Capers
[ Show youtube player ]

Nobochi - Big Ead with a mission
[ Show youtube player ]
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