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Old 20 August 2016, 10:14   #621
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It would be tactically unwise for both sides not to cooperate, but yea.. seeing is believing.

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Old 20 August 2016, 19:06   #622
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Originally Posted by Schoenfeld View Post
The plan is still to add this to Indivision AGA MK2, so it will automatically be available to Reloaded-users.
Been waiting too long now for this. I'll believe it when I see it and not before.
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Old 04 September 2016, 09:55   #623
i want Apple IV now

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Originally Posted by crazyc View Post
Isn't winuae the better option for what you want then?
as a daily user of WinUAE, i can say "no".
emulation is emulation. its not true experience with real machine.
emulator always goes with input delay to some degree, which is inevitable.
this single fact often makes me think buying retro machines back once i had.

in that respect, if i wanted a real Amiga again, i only hope long live one which allows generic peripherals like case, monitors, input devices, drives, and even psu of today's conventional pc-parts for coming replacement issue.

if it was possible, it can cut most of delivery time from overseas, and cheaper.
this is too big deal to neglect.

sorry for such late reply. but i couldn't help but feel my thought should not be that special. many would feel like the same.
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Old 04 September 2016, 11:00   #624
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You must not have a 50hz / 60hz capable display with sync and/or a retro USB joystick. If you did then you'd think twice before saying that. WinUAE looks and behaves very very similar if you do. I think a lot would fail if asked to tell the difference between 50hz synced WinUAE and a real Amiga when connected to the same display
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Old 04 September 2016, 12:44   #625
i want Apple IV now

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i used to have A500 and A1200. and still A500 should be somewhere in my room.
my CRT monitors were used multi-sync (don't remember the model) and Sony's expensive one. and joypads of the day are of course atari pin type including modded megadrive 6B pads.

what im saying is emulators on the win os(vista or lator) suffer natural input lag for the os itself.
i know one of emulator had very concern about this issue, and managed to solve to make feel the user like real machine. but its another story.

i noticed some delay things happen when played popular games on WinUAE. (e.g. Jamespond2, Leander and so on.)
after fiddling with configuration, i could guess what part was candidate of delay, and there were too many.
dull usb ports of mobo, my joypads, background OS activity, my monitors' delay, or even generic USB driver of win.
also, the versions of WinUAE seems to be related.
that is, there are too many factors between what im seeing and actual work inside. and it will exist as far as its emulation.
so, i feel its not good to desire for what i experienced once on real machine.

the point is, when i wanted to buy "new" retro hard to avoid such messy situation, i don't want to be bothered by peripherals which are from limited source.

btw, which one of retro type usb joystick/pad do you recommend ?
currently im using CT-V9 (least lag. best for digital 8way inputs), Hori Edge301(second best so far. has far less-lag and reliable digital iuputs than any other xbox or ps type of twin-stick pads.) and several Logicool's F310 and F510(duh).
i browsed to search once, but i only found comp pro2 or Amigakit's big one which looks like robust. (i won't buy cheap looking ones on amazon.)
as this is off topic, so if you dont mind, please pm me about joypad/sticks.
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Old 04 September 2016, 21:58   #626
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Some rubbish adapters lag but it's nothing to do with the OS. I am currently making a wireless joystick adapter (PC and Classic) and it responds within 2-4ms. Bare in mind 50fps is 20ms.
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Old 05 September 2016, 10:44   #627
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What are the chances of Amiga Reloaded outputting 50hz with VSYNC via HDMI?
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Old 05 September 2016, 11:35   #628
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Originally Posted by Nostromo View Post
What are the chances of Amiga Reloaded outputting 50hz with VSYNC via HDMI?
Initially it was the intention that Amiga Reloaded should just incorporate a standard Indivision AGA MkII design (a cheaper layout but same function), but this may have changed since then. I hope it has, since we all know that the MkII has a lot of issues and is hard to get to work properly.

A proper synced, low latency 50 Hz HDMI output signal would be very nice indeed and would be a big sales point.
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Old 05 September 2016, 11:48   #629
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Indeed, my PC monitor supports both 50hz and 60hz (Pavilion 27xw) and UAE runs great on it when setting output at 50hz + VSYNC enabled. It would be a pity of the real hardware looked "worse".
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