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As EAB is for amiga, and atari-forum is for the ST, what are..

As EAB is for amiga, and atari-forum is for the ST, what are the various main forums for other retro platforms.

ZX spectrum
Commodore 64

Where do retro-programmers and users get together to discuss programming and what-not for other platforms, that you'd recommend for reading material?

While I never had an ST or whatever other Atari computers there were, there are really interesting threads on atari-forum where some dude is working on a port of Quake or Quake 2 or something, and other occasional ones as well. I'd quite like some more reading material for other older platforms that were around when I was a kid. It seems to me as there are main forums for Amiga and ST, there should be others for other platforms I can just go to to read the good stuff all in one place.
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C64 : csdb.dk
Oric : forum.defence-force.org

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CPC - http://www.cpcwiki.eu/forum/
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ZX : http://www.worldofspectrum.org/
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If game consoles is of any interest to you there is NESDev for NES development and other technical NES-talk.

For Master System there is SMS Power! which is a very good source for all information of the Master System (and other 8-bit Sega-consoles and computers).

msx.org seems to be the main site for all things MSX, and there's usually some cool development threads going there every time I visit the forums.

For C64 there is also lemon64.com which has dedicated sub forums for new c64 releases and scene-stuff.
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Excellent, thanks guys!
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Nintendo: http://nintendoage.com/forum/
Sega (mostly Genesis): http://www.sega-16.com/forum/
SNES (German forum with international sub-forum): http://www.snesfreaks.com/forum/
Everything Atari (and other classic retrogaming platforms too): https://atariage.com/forums/
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PC-Engine : http://www.pcenginefx.com/forums/

FM-Towns, Sharp X68000 etc. : http://fullmotionvideo.free.fr/phpBB3/index.php
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c64 lemon64.com ?
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Here's an example of the kind of forum topics I am looking for. In it dml, a coder porting Quake 2 to the Falcon, has started rendering levels from HL 2 I think or from the Source engine. Black and white, which isn't really playable, but they still look great.
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Good question and good answers. Thanks....
A very informative topic.
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