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An Amiga 500 in a matchbox? The Armiga pulls it off! ( Hardware Review )

At its core, the Armiga is about nostalgia. It sets out to recreate the warm fuzzies of playing that most awesome game of yesteryear while taking full advantage of today's sweet hardware. The Armiga intends to give you a fully decked-out classic Amiga 500 in a tiny box. And even though the product is still in the prototype stage, it works quite well!
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Looks very cool, even imitating the style of the ventilation. No hint on the price, but might eb wroth a look as a quicker alternative to WinUAE.
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Hmm, love the design and concept, but isn't it ultimately pointless when we have FS-UAE? Output your monitor or laptop to a big TV and you've achieved the same thing, except you have more control over the whole experience.

That said, I want to believe there's a reason to justify buying this so I can get one. The novelty factor - as cool as it is - isn't enough at this stage.

For anyone interested in pricing, it costs 86.54 for the dinky version and 122.90 for its big brother (the Euro didn't happen, la la, not listening etc.)
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I love it. Ideal for business trips! If they would use board with more USBs, Armiga is definetelly my choice!
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Thanks for your feedback guys, if you have any questions, please use the comment system on the site as the member I believe isn't on this forum
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Nice but imagine this tiny box under christmas tree instead of Amiga 500
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