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Im not much of a fan of Formula games, but there is one game I am still planning to buy one day: Rally Championship CD32 version.

It appears all the other versions might be crap, unfortunately youtube has only AGA version, not CD32: [ Show youtube player ]

A big difference is that in CD32 version (I have played CD32 gamer magazines demo version only) there were in addition to music, great sounds in this game which made it feel very much like an arcade coin op game.

When I look this AGA versions video, I can surely see how (then to my amazement) so many thought this game to be utterly crap.
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Old 03 June 2015, 16:49   #23
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I have to say super accurate F1 games aren't really fun. I tried many times to get into F1 2013 or the other codemasters series gams, and they are super complicated to control.
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Old 03 June 2015, 20:38   #24
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Not exactly a F1 game but Indy500 was fun to drive and crash cars!!! Wish someone could expand it to simulate a F1 championship (even if approach is different, in example in indycar races you have bowl racetracks that REQUIRE you to balance wheels differently while in f1 this is unnecessary)
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Not the best but maybe one some don't know about?

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My two favorite racing games on the Amiga were Microprose's F1GP (a.k.a. World Circuit for those of us in the USA) and Indy 500. While F1GP was a bit sluggish on a stock A500 or A2000, it really was a blast to play when I got my A3000/25 and F1GP-Ed to unlock the frame rate.

I played Indy 500 for one reason and one reason only: Putting myself on pole position and then seeing how much carnage I could inflict before turn 1. It was such a nice cathardic thing to do when I was feeling stressed out in college.

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I have VirtualGP in original, love it. Equal with F1GP for me.
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Old 07 June 2015, 10:52   #28
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I love F1GP. For me it's still the best racing game ever and I still play it regularly albeit the PC version via DosBox. Super smooth and tuned to play with keyboard unlike the later games in the series. There are still people updating the data, i think the most recent carset is from the 2013 season.
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Spent many hours playing F1GP on my A500. Then many hours again when I switched to the A1200. The framerate increase was pretty noticeable too and the whole experience even further enhanced. Geoff Crammond is a legend for sure.

I also had Vroom and oh buy, does this game shift! Incredibly smooth and fast on the A500. Then of course, it completely failed to work on my A1200. Gutted.
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F1 GP for me as well played it to death when i had it and still the best loading music
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I understand that many have a soft spot for F1GP, because it was so popular (A500 heydays) and excellent especially for its time, but if we think objectively about the topic's "the best F1 Amiga game", I would say Virtual GP. It has VERY realistic physics and the most advanced graphics what we've ever seen on the Amiga. It requires an accelerated Amiga and was released pretty late, so it's understandable that it never got the popularity it would deserve and it was left underrated.

Virtual GP brought visual features which were only seen on much more powerful PC games to Amiga, like texture mapping with cockpit reflections and non-fixed driver's viewpoint etc. The game really is a simulator and physics model goes really deep in the details. It was rare even on mainstream games that behaviour of all four tires/springs were calculated separately, and VGP did that too! Author of the game has been working on car industry/test driving and his real world passion and knowledge really shows in his games.

Because of the simulation nature of the game, it really should be played with an analogue controller, or at least with mouse to get more precision to it, but it certainly isn't any arcade joystick stuff

I've played the sequel, VGP2, on a MorphOS machine a lot with analogue USB driving wheel setups. If we also count Amiga compatibles to this discussion, then VGP2 is absolutely the best F1 game for amiga It has pretty modern looking 3D accelerated graphics (can even be get a bit more prettier with VGP HD gfx replacement) and runs very smoothly on almost all MorphOS compatible machines.
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Old 27 June 2015, 17:05   #33
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Microprose F1 for me too.
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Old 28 June 2015, 04:58   #34
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And what about this one : indianapolis 500, in my memories, it wasn't bad.
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I don't know if I would say it was the "Best" F1 game but I can remember spending a lot of time playing the AGA version of Nigel Mansell World Championship.

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