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Old 20 December 2002, 22:22   #1
Wraith Jones
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How to get a A1200 emulation working right...

Ok, I'm a n00b, a fool and I almost certainly need to RTFM, now onto business.

I set up WinUAE with the following settings:
2MB Chip
020 precessor
Match A500
A 3.1 rom
All display options off (scanline selected)
OpenGL off
A blank disk in DF0: (all others disabled)
AGA chipset (fast copper only, sprites only)
Sound on

And I get a blank screen, but if I run something noisy (like a game) I hear the sound but still have a blank screen, what am I doing wrong?
Old 20 December 2002, 22:29   #2
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you can upload your config file (.uae file in your configurations directory) to the message you post. This way we can check it

Which winuae version do you use?
Old 20 December 2002, 22:37   #3
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This is Wraith Jones, I just registered, here's the config I'm using. I'm using the latest version of WinUAE (unless they uploaded a new version the past 6 hours). Cool avvie by the way, although I usually took the Brigand.
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Old 20 December 2002, 23:02   #4
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I tried to run silk worm with your config and it worked perfectly BUT did not display well. just tick horizontal and vertical centering and set the line mode to doubled

If you're trying to run the thing with that BLANK adf inserted, you can naturally get nothing at all.

And thanks, I like this avatar. We have a navvie as well
Old 20 December 2002, 23:22   #5
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Shouldn't I get the 'please insert a disk screen' if I put a blank in though?
Old 22 December 2002, 11:46   #6
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That screen appears when there are no disks inserted and no harddrives are available!
Old 22 December 2002, 11:52   #7
Toni Wilen
WinUAE developer
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And I get a blank screen,
8-bit fullscreen mode? 8-bit isn't supported in AGA modes. Try 16 or 32..
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Old 22 December 2002, 14:41   #8
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Cracked it, it was a fullscreen problem, althouhg if you'd like tohelp further then go to Game Probelms and help me with Second Samurai.

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