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The 3D games are often unfairly overlooked just because they can't be made to run fast enough on these old machines.

A few good ones are Midwinter II, Castle Master II and The Sentinel. Guardian deserves a mention too even if it requires an A1200.
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F1GP - sure the frame rate wan't amazing, but a fully featured F1 Sim on four floppy disks, running on a 1Mb A500 - pretty impressive.

Also, I've no idea how Geoff Crammond achieved it, but even with the low frame rate, the game still felt smooth when playing it.
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F1GP and Falcon IMO..
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Elfmania. It's witchcraft I tell you! I sometimes like to boot it up just to remind me how far the machine was pushed! Playability wise, nah.
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I think a lot of people are forgetting what the Amiga could do with Vector Graphics.

Another World, Midwinter and Falcon were amazing feats of technology with that hardware.

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I just saw theshadownose playing Woody's World, and the game has the word "impressive" written all over it!
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Originally Posted by mc68060 View Post
Just played through Brian the Lion and it does have some seriously awesome effects for an A500. Does anybody know where the coders learnt their trade? According to HOL the only thing they ever did on the Amiga was Brian the Lion. Do they come from the demo scene maybe? I'm wondering because it's quite unusual to come up with something technically advanced as this as a first game. But then they were three programmers on that game...
Lead programmer Michael Troughton was better known as Kreator of Anarchy
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shadow of the beast 1 outside (still the most impressive gfx) 13 layers of parallax and 128 colours on screen (how did they do it) and all in 1989!
Lionheart. 64 colours multi scrolling amazingness.
Elfmania. Full screen
Fightin Spirit halfbrite mode
Ruff n Tumble
Lionheart (the mode 7 bonus stages)
Jim power, full screen, screen size bosses.
Turrican 2 (my fave amiga game that's my reason for it being on the list )
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