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View Poll Results: What was your biggest hardware crash?
Never had one, thank the Lord! 7 17.07%
While playing my latest game, I drooled and shorted out the keyboard. 0 0%
I put a graham cracker in the disk drive. 1 2.44%
No failure, but my computer was stolen! 0 0%
I spilled my soda drink on my computer. 3 7.32%
I spilled my beer on my computer. 4 9.76%
I just woke up one morning to find my computer useless. 8 19.51%
I punched the computer so hard after failing Cannon Fodder level 12, and it han't worked since. 0 0%
I tried something fancy, like hooking my stereo up to it, and I caused it to fail 1 2.44%
I hotplugged something from a port, and it failed. 6 14.63%
A mouse ate the insides. 1 2.44%
My computer overheated, and something inside failed. 8 19.51%
I dropped the computer, and I broke something. 2 4.88%
I dropped my computer in the bath tub while it was powered on. I wanted it to fail. 0 0%
Someone hax0r3d me while online. My computer hasn't worked since. 0 0%
Voters: 41. You may not vote on this poll

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Old 19 December 2002, 02:01   #21
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Originally posted by bippym
So do you erm... Lameulate in the summer then???
No I don't. That would be blasphemy!
If needs be, I turn them on for the absolute MINIMUM of time needed. And I put a big, nay HUGE, fan besides the Amiga cooling both the PSU and computer.

But I try to turn them on the least possible during summer. wish I had an A/C!
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Old 19 December 2002, 03:38   #22

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This one happened in my 1st day working in the university where I work...

I was still knowing the place and all, there was 2 guys (One of them a friend of mine, he who arranged the job for me) showing me the place.. then some boxes arrived, I dont remember what were in those boxes, and we had to store them in the DEPOT.. the depot is a small room with DOZENS and DOZENS of computer stuff, (Ya know, computers, monitors, keyboards, mouses, and stuff like that). The boxes were supposed to be in the top of a shelf there, so this friend of mine climbed in a table to reach the top of the shelf. On the table there were like dozens of computers piled up, and a few monitors. As soon as my friend jumped out of the table, I think you can guess what happened.. the table just turned over and collapsed, crashing all computers and monitors into the ground.

The noise was just TOO loud, and we were just like "FUUUCKK!! WE ARE SCREWED!" .. and it was just my 1st day in the job. We phoned the boss and said "We heard a noise in the depot, and when we went there, the table had collapsed!" . The boss said "Well, test everything and clean up the mess".

Luckily enough, all computers were working nicely. Nearly all monitors suffered some damage, most of them just in the case (now you can see the inside of most of those monitors without having to open them), but just 1 or 2 stopped working. And it was lots of work to clean up all the mess
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Old 19 December 2002, 09:27   #23
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My accident actually happened two days ago. It was my PC not my Amiga.

My case was open, standing on the floor as it is a tower. I accidentally dropped a cup of coffee and offcourse all the coffee had to magically "jump" onto the motherboard while the power was on!

Now my motherboard is dead, and I can't afford a replacement before the 1st of january.

Well, my motherboard was ageing anyway, so now I can get myself a modern one with DDR memory .
Old 19 December 2002, 10:49   #24
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Hmm this thread is more OT than GD
Old 19 December 2002, 18:25   #25
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Originally posted by Burseg
Hmm this thread is more OT than GD
How is it that much different than what is usually posted on this forum?

1) It has to do with the Amiga (Typically)

2) It spurs conversation about the Amiga

3) It falls within the guidelines of this forum

To each his own, I guess.
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Old 19 December 2002, 18:57   #26
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I got into the pc scene pretty late! around late 97 - early 98.
After years of faithfull service from my amiga's i thought it was time to go to the dark side and i bought a secondhand corporate pc... the type thats hardly been used at some office etc!

It was a PC-Chips all-in-1 TX proII! I got it home and had no-end of problems with it... then one day i moved the system into its own room! i set it up and turned it on... the mouse didnt work! it was a ps2 type and the pc complained the mouse wasnt plugged in i double checked it a few times and reset the pc countless times. Then i removed the ps2 mouse whilst the machine was on and plugged it back in.. then tons of smoke shot out the vents! i had blown the thing up by plugging in a soddin mouse LOL!
it never worked again and i had hell getting it sorted out.

I cannot complain cuzz all this crap i learned trained me up on how to build pc's and all the other crap that goes with it!
and i still kept my amiga's! never ever have a problem em.... unlike that crap pc... the pc's i have now are made with decent components! i will never touch cheap shit again!

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Old 25 June 2007, 22:41   #27
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Never had one, thankyou

Cool thread btw
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Old 20 July 2007, 01:06   #28
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I got a video cable for my C64 when I was a teenager, connected it up to my stereo (an old vacuum tube system with huge speakers) - connected th video cable instead and blew up the VIC II chip. Had to get it replaced. Once I did, I connected to correct cable up and it sounded awesome.
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Old 20 July 2007, 01:17   #29
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I managed to install a PC floppy drive power connector upside down! I closed the case, powered up and in seconds thick white smoke came belching out of the PSU fan outlet! I thought it was the PSU on fire or something, but it was "only" the insulation on the floppy power cable melting and burning as one of the wires glowed red hot with the short circuit current.

I've also killed the video output on an A1200 by plugging in the monitor lead to the 23-pin connector while the machine was powered up. A quick spark and no more video from that motherboard.

Not sure which was the worse disaster!
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Old 20 July 2007, 03:03   #30

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I was electrofied by the power flyer from the chain on my wrist resulting in smoke from chip which I drooled beer on to (from the effect of the shock), fire from another, and light from the third one. At that moment I had my first astral voyage that I was aware of. 3 days later I accidently found a "Amiga4000T for sale" advert on a newspaper which was very odd in 2000. Than I bought it and stopped wearing chains on my wrist. BTW the shock surprisingly left a finger print of my big foot finger on my old homes wall.
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Old 20 July 2007, 09:08   #31
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I towerized my A500 into a Micronik tower. After assembled I put my Apollo 520 accelerator to the busboard side extension connector and powered with ZZZapp and smoke. Wrong way...luckily just the accelerator fried and I had to order Blizzard 2060 instead. Quite a leap in performance....
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Old 20 July 2007, 09:11   #32
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Another: I fixed my telly with power on of course. Then my screwdriver slipped and a biiggg ZAPPP. Luckily it was just a big diode and didn't cost a fortune. But slipping tools may be hazardous.
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Old 20 July 2007, 09:53   #33
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Forgot this one - I killed a Blizzard 1260 in an A1200 tower by connecting the power supply to the A1200 motherboard floppy power header the wrong way around. Damn floppy power connectors! Anyway, from that day on, I had a sticker on the motherboard showing which way around the power header was to be connected
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Old 20 July 2007, 10:16   #34
Graham Humphrey
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Spilling a glass of water on my A500+'s power supply... not clever. Don't try this at home kids
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Old 20 July 2007, 10:36   #35
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on Amiga:

i hammered a 1,5 MB expansion in the bay of an A500, effectively broking it.

i played during thunderstorms burning 2 power supplies in the time of a week (they were really expensive to fix also )

on PC i forgot the bios resetter jumper on once that i swtched on the computer, burning the motherboard and half the RAM

Hanimex: i opened with a blunt screwdriver, to see "if i was able to find the games that were depicted on the box but were not on the cartridge"
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