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Share your whimsical Amiga stories!

PMing a certain extremely helpful member of the Amiga Community has got me thinking; what memories do you all have of your Amiga, which make you smile when you recall them? It's probably been done to death on these boards no doubt, so I'm afraid I am going to have to limit you to more abstract associations...

So... apart from the whoopings you gave to friends in various games (and there was plenty of that!) how did owning an Amiga influence your wider life?

For instance. Around this time of year, many years ago, one of my brother's had brought me an unknown game for Christmas. My youngest brother, who had seen what is was, tried to spoil the surprise for me. However, he had difficulty speaking at his present age, so he kept saying "You are getting Titler for Christmas". I had no idea what he meant, but he was insistant; "It's Titler." My other brother would then say "Shhh!" and he'd be quiet for a while.... then he'd come up and whisper "Don't tell Gary, but it's Titler". This went on until Christmas day, when the secret was finally understood. It was Elite, for the A500. Needless to say, Commander Titler was soon taking off in his Cobra Mk III; as he was to later do in Frontier too... and to appear as a user name on many different places from then onwards. The influence of that one game lives on! The Elite Award was given to me by a website (can no longer remember which, sadly) for beating both games... does the alt.fan.elite newsgroup still exist? I wrote most of the Amiga FAQ for that around 1995...

There were plenty more ways owning an Amiga was pivital for me; but now over to you!
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Mr Softy
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Floppy disk

Nice thread!

Without the Amiga I would not be doing music nowaday.
I started with dss8, but I never managed to do songs that even closely looked like what you can hear in games or demos!
Nope, instead I was sampling the crappiest hardcore techno cds and crafting tunes that managed to be even crappier than the ones I sampled! Can you believe that! I was fifteen tho...
Anyway when I recall this period of my life I smile again, looking back to my old self sitting in front of the miggy for hours trying to be Rob Gee or The Prophet!
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@Mr Softy

M8 I know EXACTLY where yer coming from! I was the same lol... a m8 and I thought we were going to storm the charts with our hand crafted ardcore lol! great time's tho! I still have most of the mods on cd too... I cringe when i hear some em
*I even have a dss8+ still lol

My stories... I used to cart my a500 to a m8's house every night after school! at the weekends we would get loads of grub and drink in and fart around until we couldnt stay awake... most of the time we took over the kitchen and filled it up with amiga's and tv's lol! much to the annoyance of said m8's mum

LOL summin that always makes me smile is my m8's face when he found out his missus sold all the amiga kit! she got pissed off with him not giving her enougth attention!
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The Amiga got me started in what I do today, too. .Actually I started doing GFX in my Commodore 64, but the Amiga gave me the freedom to let my imagination fly away

Thanks to it I also started doing music with the magic of trackers.. DSS babeyy!
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my little story

as a lad... i was into AD&D, Heroquest etc... etc... a friend who was also into that kind of stuff, got a C64 for christmas... he invited me round, to basically show-off his new toy... before long we were writing programs and playing games...

...needless to say... i worked my arse off to also have a C64 (The Caped Crusader pack... i think), for the next year or so everything was going fine (Raindow Islands.. springs to mind)...

...then a new friend brought round his A1000, i played Defender of the Crown... man, was i impressed!!! but i went back to my humble C64...

...for some reason (can't remember), my dad bought my younger brother an A500 (Screen Gems Pack), i was so pissed off... i was so impressed with Shadow of the Beast 2...

...my dad also bought my brother a copy of CU Amiga, so he could see what games were coming out... i saw an advert for AMOS... i told my dad that i would program educational games for my brother if he bought me AMOS...

...the next day (after school), my dad turned to me a said, that i could trade in my C64 and games for an A500 (he would pay the difference).. i managed to actually get some extra games too (Xenon... spring to mind).

... i never did get around to programming an educational game for my brother

... years later...

someone broke into my house and robbed... my stereo... my tv... all my games and my bloddy AMIGA... it took nearly 3 months for the money to come through from the insurance company...

... the A1200 had dropped to £299.99, my A500 was insured for £399.99 and they gave my £300 for the stolen games... dixons made alot of money out of me that day!!!

i still have my A1200 to this day
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Well, the most memorable story I can tell was when I bought my first Amiga, 11 years ago... It was a gift for my birthday and that was because my ST passed away a few days before.

My ST pals were invited to my birthday party. I was a something of an ST legend in Greece mainly because of my involvement to the ST-Amiga wars and the ST demo scene. When I presented the Amiga to them they thought I was a traitor. They didn't speak to me for about a week, and during that very week I got many phonecalls from all over Greece from people saying to sell my Amiga and buy an STE.

My pals bought STEs for themselves to prove me that I did a mistake, but after 6-8 months they bought A500+ and sold their STEs. That was the end of the ST scene in Greece, simply because I was the first to sell my ST for the Amiga.

If you ask me today what do I feel about it, all I can say is that I regret for not keeping both !
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It's simply to tell: I've spent a lot of good moments in my life.

-When I went in vacation in '94, I took my Amiga too there
-A lot of my girlfriend had Amiga (and now I'm single)
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