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Originally Posted by wXR View Post
cmsj may I suggest that you also upload a package to Aminet containing a document about your project, so that there can be some "message in a bottle" left to those who have no valid email address anymore, etc?
I'm not quite sure I follow - if people have abandoned their stuff long enough ago that their email address is wrong, how are they going to notice a document I've uploaded?

Perhaps I misunderstood what you meant?
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You didn't misunderstand me I suppose. It's a shotgun solution, obviously not something total. The point is to have a document there, that can be pointed to and circulated around, wihch explains the project. Aminet is well distributed. The package can contain a number of open source licenses and point to a web site, for all that it matters.

How is your effort going by the way?
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I was burned on open sourcing my stuff few times, but that was long time ago and would not happen again I think. I was involved in particular MMO scene where I was coding tools, addons and fixes, some of them were open source, all of these were stolen and sold further. Of course nowadays if I was to release source to my game or a program I could sue someone for using it without permission, but... It's still unpleasant when it happens.
I find it funny that Doom and Quake was mentioned in this thread. Sources for both those games (and more ID games) were released after the next game was released and to Carmack it was just obsolete old shit. I'm very happy that he released it though, I'm happy about any old project getting open sourced and I of course applause anyone that releases their stuff to open or contributes to other projects, but I don't think I will ever do that with a major project. Not at the same time as release at least.
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