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English Amiga Board Joins Electronic Arts' Affiliate Programme

Electronic Arts needs no introduction to Amiga gamers (Populous, Syndicate, Desert Strike) so it is with great pride that I can announce that the EAB has joined EA Games' affiliate programme.

Today EA is well known for their digital distribution platform Origin. To say thank you to EA we are renaming the EAB to the "Electronic Arts Board". This year the EAB will be known forthwith as EAB 2015 and will be annually updated.

Stay tuned for the latest developments and remember: "E. A. B. It's in the game!"

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April fool to you too!
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We're all on our toes for April fools
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The logo is wonderful!
and the motto as well... I can imagine it pronounced as the original one: "Eeee Aaaa Bbbb... It's in the game!"
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Ha!, that was good one. It took me about half the message before i realised what day today was. Until that i was trying to grasp the infromation and make sense out of it that i must be misunderstanding something.
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Heh heh.
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You forgot the £49.99 annual charge where the only difference is that the 2015 will become 2016.
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The best april fool of the Year for me, thanks Cody
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How much does it cost for the EAB DLC?
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Originally Posted by RCK View Post
The best april fool of the Year for me, thanks Cody
I think you're being way too lenient towards Cody, RCK. This is treason of the highest order!

Associating Electronic Arts with EAB is an abomination!
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Haha, good job with that logo!
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You had me worried for a moment... until I saw what day this thread was started
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For a moment I actually believed this... suppose it was plausible!
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If it was true, it would surely be English Arseholes Board if Electronic Arseholes are involved?
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