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Originally Posted by twiggy View Post
Glad I'm not the only one who prefers the C64 Paperboy. But which is worse, the C16 or Amiga version?

I didn't really get on with the Amiga version of Eliminator, the C64 version just feels so much smoother.
Paperboy (C64) was one of the most played games during my childhood. I spent hundreds of hours with it and so did my brother after me.

I can not compare it with the Amiga version but its playability is beyond any doubt.
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Threads like this make me realize that the Amiga just had way too many shitty conversions. Possibly there are more shitty conversions than actual decent original content?

History repeats itself in any case since we've seen a fair share of shitty conversions from PC to consoles and consoles to PC
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Have in mind, from 85-87, before Amiga 500 came out, the Amiga was sold in very few numbers. In the two first years, there must have been little revenue in the Amiga ports. From 90 and up, there are many good ports and games written originally for the Amiga.

Must have been disappointing, saving up enough money to buy an Amiga back then, paying many times the price of the C64, buying your favorite game, running home and load up ... and ... worse than on the computer you spent so much money upgrading for.

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Platoon simply 'worked' far better on the C64 than any of the other versions i played (16 Bit and Nes), C64 limited colours seemed to work in the games favour and i've always prefered SID music to the Amiga's soundchip.
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Many games were better on the C=64, which has more character i think due to the colors and sound.

Robocop, Boulderdash, Bubble bobble, Buggy boy, Ghouls n ghosts, Tiger road, shinobi, nebulus to name a few.
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Originally Posted by john1979 View Post
Chuckie Egg is better on the C64. Much more forgiving and fun, without the obscuring backgrounds. Although the music on the Amiga is kinda fun.
Another 8-bit classic that was butchered on the 16-bits. And why on earth did they turn Henhouse Harry into an egg? A farmer I can understand, but a big egg collecting other, smaller eggs? All very odd.

I'll have to try the C64 version although in videos it doesn't seem quite as fast and fluid as the BBC version.

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