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X68000 Sharp Computer 1987 - Games to Port

Hi Everyone,

Has anyone heard of the X68000 from Sharp? After reading Galahad's recent discussion about Mac 68000 games to port, I discovered a computer I have never heard of, released around 1987.

Look forward to hearing about your thoughts on this computer system.
Arcard/X68000 comparisions:

Buster Game on X68000:
[ Show youtube player ] (Looks like a good game to convert to Amiga

Other examples of X68000 games here: (jump about 5 mins forward)
[ Show youtube player ]

X68000 Specs Below:

CPU + Clock

Motorola 68000 (10MHz) - XVI 16MHz – X68030 25MHz

768KB Character Generator (16x16, 8x16, 8x8 - JIS 1 + 2)

1-4MB stock, expandable
512KB Text VRAM
512KB Graphic VRAM
32KB Sprite VRAM
16KB Static RAM
Screen Resolutions

1024x1024 Max, 256 x 256 Min

65,536 Palette. 256 Max onscreen

16x16 pixels, 16 colours / sprite
128 sprites / screen, 16 sprites / line
Graphics Hardware

Hardware scrolling, priority control, super-impose

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The Son of Luso
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i've known it for quite some years now. what a shame this machine was never sold outside of Japan. it's the best computer based on the M68000 ever built, IMO, and - by arrest - one of the best 16bit computers ever.

it has a good library of games (though not nearly as large as the Amiga's, but it has some interesting PD/indy games that are very good) and some arcade conversions that are spot-on (like Street Fighter II' - Champion Edition, Final Fight, Akumajo Dracula, Garou Densetsu 1 & 2, Death Brade, etc).

it has a few games also available for the Amiga and other 16bit systems such as Bomberman (Dyna Blaster), Super Hang-On, Prince of Persia (graphically very different), The New Zealand Story, Lemmings, Xenon 2, etc.

some of the best PD/Indy games i spoke of would be, IMO: Buster, Cho Ren Sha, Cha Cha Cha, Ora Shoot, Otoko Dama, etc.

it has some native NES conversions such as: Super Mario World, Excite Bike, Twin Bee, etc.

i use XM6 and WinX68kHighSpeed as my favoured emulators.

conversion of some of these games to the Amiga (though probably AGA and M68020+ only) would be great.

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Bo Bo

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Have a look here http://eab.abime.net/showthread.php?p=862532#post862532
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Michael Sykes
WinUAE end user

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X68000 games to port?
Geograph Seal....
[ Show youtube player ]

The music alone is worth it.
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Thalion Webshrine
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I am not a fan of playing old skool 3D games unless they have been remade for the PC. I dunno why but they haven't aged well.

I loved the 3D games at the time on the Spectrum, Amiga, Sega Saturn, PSOne but now I find them hard to go back to.

I think N64 is the graphical limit at the moment and have I returned to play in the last few years but they are starting to look poor too.
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I own 2 of these machines:

Great computers!
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Solo Kazuki
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I found something like this on AmiNet

Maybe it will be useful somehow
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Zone Friend
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It has a fantastic port of Kick Off... called Pro Soccer 68'
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Solo Kazuki
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Most of games, which are both for Amiga (almost all of them for OCS/ECS) and X68k looks on Amiga poor... very poor... sometimes even tragic. Moreover, there's hundreds of games which are not ported for Amiga
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Was x68k graphics hardware similar to cps1?
It seems to have had a lot of good cps1 ports.
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CaptainM68K-SPS France
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CPS1 and X68000 machines are almost the same

the X68000 was the dev machine for CPS-1 as CPS-1 is based on X68000 hardware.
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X68k was a super impressive machine at the time.. Not sure I would call it the best 16-bit general purpose computer. It basically was a super expensive box with arcade hardware and a pretty unimpressive and unintuitive operating system.
As a game hardware it was pretty much unmatched at the time and did most things better than the 16-bit consoles that came a couple of years later.
Always loved the design of the computer too.. Such a cool looking piece of kit.
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