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View Poll Results: What is the Amigas BEST 3D FPS Game?
Alien Breed 3D 28 21.37%
Alien Breed 3D II - The Killing Grounds 17 12.98%
Breathless 15 11.45%
Fears 4 3.05%
Genetic Species 23 17.56%
Gloom Deluxe 21 16.03%
Gloom Special Edition 97 1 0.76%
Nemac IV 5 3.82%
Citadel 2 1.53%
Death Mask 4 3.05%
Testament 1 0.76%
Behind the Iron Gate 0 0%
Other - Please Specify 10 7.63%
Voters: 131. You may not vote on this poll

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Old 13 December 2002, 02:47   #41

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Resolution 101
man i loved this game.... i completely forgot about it, until i "bumped" into it recently!!!
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Old 13 December 2002, 18:34   #42
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I loved the co-op play on Gloom, but in the end voted for Alien Breed 3D II cos of the great atmosphere and excellent deathmatch games I used to play with my friends.
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Old 13 December 2002, 18:41   #43
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Gloom Deluxe is the coolest FPS game for me.. Now I am also getting my Voodoo 3 board.. Will be fun to see how Quake 2 runs
Old 13 December 2002, 19:53   #44

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Originally posted by manicx
Alien Breed 3d II and Quake are the only true FPS on the Amiga. The others are not real FPS games.
What about the Amiga version of Quake II?
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Old 14 December 2002, 04:42   #45

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No one likes Behind the Iron Gate?

It was the only FPS I could play, as I only had an A600

And I would LOVE to play Alien Breed 3D and Alien Breed 3D II , just for the curiosity sake.
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Old 14 December 2002, 16:17   #46
Conspiracy Theorist......
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Big grin Check out the new choices

A bit late for some of you I guess but hopefully this will make some people a bit more happy. Thanks RetroMan for updating the poll.
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Old 15 December 2002, 14:25   #47
Now got GSX750F :))
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Could also mention Sword of Damoclese, Midwinter, both of which are FP 3D if not quite shooters but they are a lot of fun...
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Old 15 December 2002, 15:05   #48
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Before seeing this poll I had forgotten that the Amiga actually did have so many decent FPS games.

My vote went to The Killing Grounds. I think the atmosphere and setting make it quite unique from the typical FPS games. Unfortuantly, I never really saw it at its best since I only had an 030

Was anything ever done with the source code that was released? I wouldn't mind seeing it ported to a more recent platform. Oh well.... maybe if I ever feel inclined to work with Visual C (bah)
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Old 18 December 2002, 00:30   #49
Jherek Carnelia
Dazed and Confused
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I vote Breathless - it was the first FPS that didn't give me motion sickness! I must admit I only completed the first two worlds before I got bored (or it got too hard, can't remember which!)
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Old 26 August 2004, 17:47   #50
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Gotta be AB3D!

It may not look the best (Gloom looks the best on the worst hardware - if you get what I mean) but it's the best designed, most spooky Doomster out there. Amiga's never had a good time with FPS's really but there were a few worth playing.

No idea why AB3D2 is winning, it should lose by default for not actually being playable on a lower end amiga. Boooo.
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Old 26 August 2004, 17:49   #51
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I played Citadel only - on pure A500+ with a 1/16 view of my TV :-)
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Old 27 August 2004, 18:28   #52
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My vote is for AlienBreed3D-II I liked very much on my 030.

I was disappointed by the first AB3D, just too lame the c2p graphic routine. I dont liked the screen so little with 2x2 pixels-size.

I also loved a lot Breathless just incredible fast being a Doom-alike game, and not merely a Wolfestein-alike (the no-diagonals trick worked good). It was nice, althought a bit boring. Pityful my version get reset in advanced levels.

Respect Robocop3, I think is dissapointing.. The FPS stage is just like a minigame. Enemies Static, no variety. I would like Ocean-DID elaborated more this stage, and even forget the car and flying sections.

Another promising FPS in a RPG style was Corporation from CoreDesign, Good graphics, nice atmosphere, smooth and fast.. but uncontrolable, I have not clue of how to play in this game.
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Old 27 August 2004, 18:56   #53
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Trick or Treat! :-)
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Old 27 August 2004, 20:02   #54
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I need to get Genetic Species running properly one day...

I'll have to say. I was never very fond of Gloom. It had boring levels, stupid level up weapons with different colours, poor graphics unless you had a super amiga at the time. Alien Breed 3D was interesting the first time I played it. The amiga doesn't really have any good FPSs that I've tried to this day.
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Old 27 August 2004, 21:43   #55
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Ab3d games sucked. Breathless is the only amiga fps that did not suck. Maybe Ab3d has a good storyline but it would look better as a text adventure then.

edit: hehe with this account, I voted breathless for the second time.
Old 28 August 2004, 01:36   #56
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Originally Posted by killergorilla
Gotta be AB3D!
Got my vote.

Originally Posted by killergorilla
No idea why AB3D2 is winning, it should lose by default for not actually being playable on a lower end amiga.
Five words too many there. Don't you mean, "it should lose by default for not actually being playable"?
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Old 28 August 2004, 21:13   #57
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Alien Breed 3D
One of the worst looking games around BUT those level designs were absolutely brilliant and each of them just oozed atmosphere from every pore. Completed this game both on Amiga and under emulation last year!

As soon as I'd finished playing AB3D I went out and bought Testament from Electronics Boutique (now GAME) as it was the only Amiga FPS game they had in. It looked slightly better than AB3D but didn't come close on atmosphere and was a little on the boring side.

Found this game really boring to be honest.

I played this until about level 6 - I so wanted to enjoy the game but the whole thing seemed a bit of a chore and i came to the conclusion it wasn't any good.

I had an A1200 with 040, fpu & 18 meg of memory. Still, I couldn't get this game running at a decent pace! The 020 version was just total pants though! After reaching level 2 I thought 'this is rubbish - Amiga Power got the review spot on (wasn't it awarded 2%?)

Decent speed but uninspired and bland looking.

Genetic species.
Now this is a great game with a couple of flaws. It looks great, moves at a decent speed but has a crap saving system and (for me) seemed to involve a lot of back-tracking.

So, it's either AB3D or Genetic Species - and I think AB3D just edges out in front. It was just so playable!
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Old 18 November 2012, 13:04   #58
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I found today list with some unknown FPS games for Amiga: Chronomica AGA.HD Prev, Death Mask -NewLevel, Wheel Barrow Simulator. Anyone have some info about these games? I think last one may be a joke...
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Old 18 November 2012, 14:44   #59
roy bates
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wow this thread is old

all of the above plus the usual stuff.

if where going down this path how about castle master 1 and 2 or driller or infestation or...

you can see where im going with this.
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Old 18 November 2012, 15:26   #60
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All of them are really ugly actually.
I would vote if possible for ADoom and Quake for Amiga, because they are less ugly than the above mentionned, and in fact indentical to the PC versions.
3D games of that time era are not to be remembered IMHO.
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