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Double barrel Amiga Future article series: Demoscene + Developing Demo Effects

In Amiga Future magazine, Jan 2015-Dec 2016, I explain and provide code for Amiga demo effects from 1987-2014.

Jan 2015 issue: OCS overview for coders from other platforms and a solid startup framework, plotting a secret object Next issue: The first real demo effect on Amiga. In fact, this intro from 1987 has two nice effects, in a complete remake - with code provided. The tempo accelerates and soon, bobs and sinescrollers are left behind for AGA and texture mapping...

Don't miss Bytebreaker's Demoscene series during the same period! His articles will complement mine as an eagle's eye view on demoscene history, scener roles, hallmark demos and techniques, and our own fetishes and memes.

The first issue also tells of tiny A1000 3D prints, Amiga OS 4.1.8 with interview, IMAP email, RapidRoad etc and is available here.
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Looking forward to read them, just ordered them all.
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Old 29 December 2015, 12:14   #3
Amigan - an loving it!!
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Oddly, I've not ordered a copy since issue 112 - I started with Issue 93 and never missed one. Even Issue 96, which I ended up getting as a pdf and then using the work's colour laser to print it out

I'll be ordering the remaining ones to get me back up to speed
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I've adapted the first 2 articles (English version) and put online on coppershade.org to give you an idea of what the article series will be like. Of course the whole magazine contains lots of other stuff, and software and stuff on the CD if you want that, and are also available in German.

I have no current plans of putting more articles online - it's just to give a foretaste.

Here is the Developing Demo Effects article index, if you want to see what each article contains. There's a red thread through them, but they're quite standalone and topical.

You can order the newest issue on Jan 15. Happy New Year
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