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Old 13 January 2015, 19:45   #21
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Originally Posted by guyfry View Post
HHexen v0.4 complete installed, but not working. (The SDL Version)
Again RTFR

--software mode doesn't work in window

Why don't you run from icon?
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Originally Posted by groundplayer View Post
Deleted old version folder totally, extracted 0.4 and copied only wad to programdir. Sdl version is now working using "hhexen-sdl -f -width 320 -height 200" in shell. Thankyou arti !!
Cool! How fast is it?
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Working now !

Software version very fast ! but Gl version is sslooowwwww
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Old 13 January 2015, 21:03   #24
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How is gl in window speed compared to fullscreen?
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Old 13 January 2015, 21:45   #25
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SDl version is fast for me in fullscreen. Gl version is slower in window than fullscreen. And now ..back to the game
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Old 16 March 2018, 05:09   #26
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Anyone have this running on the Vampire V2+ for the A500? I have the RTG HDMI Picasso 96 feature working. Doom, heretic etc.. all play fine out the HDMI. For some reason I cannot get hhexen-sdl to show video. It loads and plays sounds and seems to run but with no signal on the HDMI port. I do have the 1.1 wads as explained in the readme. It doesnt look like you need any special libraries (only need SDL and SDL-devel to compile). Any help would be appreciated. Thanks (Also I dont see any errors in the startup console)

Heres my rig: A500, 1meg chip w 8372A Agnus, Vampire V2+ with Gold Core 2.7, 4gig CF card on the vampire IDE port. Workbench 3.1 classic with all the bells and whistles turned off/disabled.

I see most screenshots/youtubes with this running in OS3.9 so maybe thats a prerequisite?
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Dont think so. All sdl Ports usually require is ixemul.library. you can check what Version you have and eventually try the lstest Version 63.1? From Bernd Rosch. Perhaps the game has hardcoded frame buffer pixel format (different endian) than what Vampire provides.
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