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Originally Posted by dalton View Post
I was able to compile vasm and vlink on win32 using the incuded makefiles, but it seems there is only one vbcc makefile and it's hardwired to gcc. Does anyone have win32 binaries, or pointers on how to compile for windows? I'm using visual c++ 2010.

I use this one. Call it with
nmake /f makefile.win32
and for the 64-bit types you specify
signed __int64
unsigned __int64

EDIT: I've attached binaries for 32-bit and 64-bit Windows

# debug build
#CC = cl /RTCs /MTd /Zi /nologo /Dsnprintf=_snprintf

# release build
CC = cl /O2 /MT /nologo /Dsnprintf=_snprintf

NCC = cl

all: bin/vc.exe bin/vbcc$(TARGET).exe

bin/vc.exe: frontend/vc.c
	$(CC) frontend/vc.c /Febin/vc.exe $(LDFLAGS)

TRGDIR = machines/$(TARGET)

bobjects = $(TRGDIR)/main.obj $(TRGDIR)/vars.obj $(TRGDIR)/declaration.obj \
	   $(TRGDIR)/parse_expr.obj $(TRGDIR)/type_expr.obj $(TRGDIR)/ic.obj \
	   $(TRGDIR)/machine.obj $(TRGDIR)/statements.obj \
	   $(TRGDIR)/supp.obj $(TRGDIR)/dt.obj \
           $(TRGDIR)/assert.obj $(TRGDIR)/cpp.obj $(TRGDIR)/hash.obj \
           $(TRGDIR)/lexer.obj $(TRGDIR)/macro.obj $(TRGDIR)/mem.obj \

fobjects = $(TRGDIR)/opt.obj $(TRGDIR)/av.obj $(TRGDIR)/rd.obj $(TRGDIR)/regs.obj \
	   $(TRGDIR)/flow.obj $(TRGDIR)/cse.obj $(TRGDIR)/cp.obj $(TRGDIR)/loop.obj \
	   $(TRGDIR)/alias.obj $(bobjects)

bin/vbcc$(TARGET).exe: $(fobjects)
	$(CC) $(fobjects) /Febin/vbcc$(TARGET).exe $(LDFLAGS)

bin/dtgen.exe: datatypes/dtgen.c datatypes/datatypes.h datatypes/dtconv.h
	$(NCC) datatypes/dtgen.c /Febin/dtgen.exe /Idatatypes

$(TRGDIR)/dt.h: bin/dtgen.exe $(TRGDIR)/machine.dt
	bin\dtgen.exe $(TRGDIR)/machine.dt $(TRGDIR)/dt.h $(TRGDIR)/dt.c

$(TRGDIR)/dt.c: bin/dtgen.exe $(TRGDIR)/machine.dt
	bin\dtgen.exe $(TRGDIR)/machine.dt $(TRGDIR)/dt.h $(TRGDIR)/dt.c

$(TRGDIR)/dt.obj: $(TRGDIR)/dt.h $(TRGDIR)/dt.c
	$(CC) /c $(TRGDIR)/dt.c /Fo$(TRGDIR)/dt.obj /I$(TRGDIR) /Idatatypes

$(TRGDIR)/supp.obj: supp.c supp.h $(TRGDIR)/machine.h $(TRGDIR)/dt.h
	$(CC) /c supp.c /Fo$(TRGDIR)/supp.obj /I$(TRGDIR)

$(TRGDIR)/main.obj: main.c vbc.h supp.h vbcc_cpp.h ucpp/cpp.h $(TRGDIR)/machine.h $(TRGDIR)/dt.h
	$(CC) /c main.c /Fo$(TRGDIR)/main.obj /I$(TRGDIR)

$(TRGDIR)/vars.obj: vars.c vbc.h supp.h $(TRGDIR)/machine.h errors.h $(TRGDIR)/dt.h
	$(CC) /c vars.c /Fo$(TRGDIR)/vars.obj /I$(TRGDIR)

$(TRGDIR)/declaration.obj: declaration.c vbc.h supp.h vbcc_cpp.h ucpp/cpp.h $(TRGDIR)/machine.h $(TRGDIR)/dt.h
	$(CC) /c declaration.c /Fo$(TRGDIR)/declaration.obj /I$(TRGDIR)

$(TRGDIR)/parse_expr.obj: parse_expr.c vbc.h supp.h vbcc_cpp.h ucpp/cpp.h $(TRGDIR)/machine.h $(TRGDIR)/dt.h
	$(CC) /c parse_expr.c /Fo$(TRGDIR)/parse_expr.obj /I$(TRGDIR)

$(TRGDIR)/type_expr.obj: type_expr.c vbc.h supp.h $(TRGDIR)/machine.h $(TRGDIR)/dt.h
	$(CC) /c type_expr.c /Fo$(TRGDIR)/type_expr.obj /I$(TRGDIR)

$(TRGDIR)/ic.obj: ic.c vbc.h supp.h $(TRGDIR)/machine.h $(TRGDIR)/dt.h
	$(CC) /c ic.c /Fo$(TRGDIR)/ic.obj /I$(TRGDIR)

$(TRGDIR)/statements.obj: statements.c vbc.h supp.h vbcc_cpp.h ucpp/cpp.h $(TRGDIR)/machine.h $(TRGDIR)/dt.h
	$(CC) /c statements.c /Fo$(TRGDIR)/statements.obj /I$(TRGDIR)

$(TRGDIR)/opt.obj: opt.c opt.h supp.h $(TRGDIR)/machine.h $(TRGDIR)/dt.h
	$(CC) /c opt.c /Fo$(TRGDIR)/opt.obj /I$(TRGDIR)

$(TRGDIR)/av.obj: av.c opt.h supp.h $(TRGDIR)/machine.h $(TRGDIR)/dt.h
	$(CC) /c av.c /Fo$(TRGDIR)/av.obj /I$(TRGDIR)

$(TRGDIR)/rd.obj: rd.c opt.h supp.h $(TRGDIR)/machine.h $(TRGDIR)/dt.h
	$(CC) /c rd.c /Fo$(TRGDIR)/rd.obj /I$(TRGDIR)

$(TRGDIR)/regs.obj: regs.c opt.h supp.h $(TRGDIR)/machine.h $(TRGDIR)/dt.h
	$(CC) /c regs.c /Fo$(TRGDIR)/regs.obj /I$(TRGDIR)

$(TRGDIR)/flow.obj: flow.c opt.h supp.h $(TRGDIR)/machine.h $(TRGDIR)/dt.h
	$(CC) /c flow.c /Fo$(TRGDIR)/flow.obj /I$(TRGDIR)

$(TRGDIR)/cse.obj: cse.c opt.h supp.h $(TRGDIR)/machine.h $(TRGDIR)/dt.h
	$(CC) /c cse.c /Fo$(TRGDIR)/cse.obj /I$(TRGDIR)

$(TRGDIR)/cp.obj: cp.c opt.h supp.h $(TRGDIR)/machine.h $(TRGDIR)/dt.h
	$(CC) /c cp.c /Fo$(TRGDIR)/cp.obj /I$(TRGDIR)

$(TRGDIR)/loop.obj: loop.c opt.h supp.h $(TRGDIR)/machine.h $(TRGDIR)/dt.h
	$(CC) /c loop.c /Fo$(TRGDIR)/loop.obj /I$(TRGDIR)

$(TRGDIR)/alias.obj: alias.c opt.h supp.h $(TRGDIR)/machine.h $(TRGDIR)/dt.h
	$(CC) /c alias.c /Fo$(TRGDIR)/alias.obj /I$(TRGDIR)

$(TRGDIR)/preproc.obj: preproc.c vbpp.h supp.h vbc.h $(TRGDIR)/dt.h
	$(CC) /c preproc.c /Fo$(TRGDIR)/preproc.obj /I$(TRGDIR)

$(TRGDIR)/assert.obj: ucpp/assert.c ucpp/cpp.h ucpp/mem.h ucpp/hash.h ucpp/tune.h $(TRGDIR)/dt.h
	$(CC) -DNO_UCPP_ERROR_FUNCTIONS /c ucpp/assert.c /Fo$(TRGDIR)/assert.obj /I$(TRGDIR)

$(TRGDIR)/cpp.obj: ucpp/cpp.c ucpp/cpp.h ucpp/mem.h ucpp/hash.h ucpp/tune.h $(TRGDIR)/dt.h
	$(CC) -DNO_UCPP_ERROR_FUNCTIONS /c ucpp/cpp.c /Fo$(TRGDIR)/cpp.obj /I$(TRGDIR)

$(TRGDIR)/hash.obj: ucpp/hash.c ucpp/cpp.h ucpp/mem.h ucpp/hash.h ucpp/tune.h $(TRGDIR)/dt.h
	$(CC) -DNO_UCPP_ERROR_FUNCTIONS /c ucpp/hash.c /Fo$(TRGDIR)/hash.obj /I$(TRGDIR)

$(TRGDIR)/lexer.obj: ucpp/lexer.c ucpp/cpp.h ucpp/mem.h ucpp/hash.h ucpp/tune.h $(TRGDIR)/dt.h
	$(CC) -DNO_UCPP_ERROR_FUNCTIONS /c ucpp/lexer.c /Fo$(TRGDIR)/lexer.obj /I$(TRGDIR)

$(TRGDIR)/macro.obj: ucpp/macro.c ucpp/cpp.h ucpp/mem.h ucpp/hash.h ucpp/tune.h $(TRGDIR)/dt.h
	$(CC) -DNO_UCPP_ERROR_FUNCTIONS /c ucpp/macro.c /Fo$(TRGDIR)/macro.obj /I$(TRGDIR)

$(TRGDIR)/mem.obj: ucpp/mem.c ucpp/cpp.h ucpp/mem.h ucpp/hash.h ucpp/tune.h $(TRGDIR)/dt.h
	$(CC) -DNO_UCPP_ERROR_FUNCTIONS /c ucpp/mem.c /Fo$(TRGDIR)/mem.obj /I$(TRGDIR)

$(TRGDIR)/eval.obj: ucpp/eval.c ucpp/cpp.h ucpp/mem.h ucpp/tune.h $(TRGDIR)/dt.h
	$(CC) -DNO_UCPP_ERROR_FUNCTIONS /c ucpp/eval.c /Fo$(TRGDIR)/eval.obj /I$(TRGDIR)

$(TRGDIR)/machine.obj: $(TRGDIR)/machine.c supp.h $(TRGDIR)/machine.h $(TRGDIR)/dt.h dwarf2.c
	$(CC) /c $(TRGDIR)/machine.c /Fo$(TRGDIR)/machine.obj /I$(TRGDIR) /I.

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Thanks a lot Leffmann!
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I have contacted with Steve Krueger and Douglas Walker (SASC developers) and talked about SASC DEBUG format among other things.

They said that only the LINE format was documented. The symbol one was used in internal development in SASC (Douglas tried to get that info years ago with no luck) so sadly I think that with no symbol info VBCC can´t generate debug info that CPR can understand.

End of history so let´s continue...
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Is it possible to use vbcc math .lib in gcc ?
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