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AOS 4.1 'killer apps'

Ok so now AOS 4.1 is A. affordable & B. can now be run under WINUAE I'm thinking yay lets do it. But in reality aside from a prettier front end than OS 3.9 in AmiKit say I would love to hear what u peeps consider the killer apps are that are unique to OS4.1. M.A.C.E. looks great but what else is there?

C'mon folks persuade me!
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Originally Posted by andyhants View Post
I would love to hear what u peeps consider the killer apps are that are unique to OS4.1
Killer apps compared to what's available on other platforms, or compared to available 68k Amiga software?
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I thought the killer app was a million bad 'ports' of SDL based games?
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Michael Sykes
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If you define killer apps like "better than anything, that does the same job, on other systems, there are none that I'm aware of.
But thats the same for AROS or MorphOS.
The Software that is available is good but none of the available stuff would kill any other software or system in terms of stealing their market.

The closest thing that comes to my mind thinking about killer apps would be things like a VideoToasterHD and the latest LightWave or stuff like Cinema4D.Or just an Office that is compatible to MS-office(maybe that exists). Of course Steam would be nice. I'm not a big fan of the above mentioned SDL games. ;-)
I think even a driver for modern 3D HW would turn out to be some kind of killer app.
But without an industry behind us, I don't see that happen in 2015.
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I was just thinking anything OS4 specific so hence my example of MACE. Perhaps another way of asking the question is twofold; for those who have been running OS4 machines for some time what do they use most often that is unique to the platform, and more simply what OS4 specific games are there?
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I guess people would like to know software which is better and newer than available for 68k, now when it's possible to run on WinUAE.

I haven't used OS4 that much, but I'd say that for example Odyssey Web Browser and MUI-mplayer are pretty cool compared to what's available for OS3.x.

Go browsing http://os4depot.net/ for categories you want... many 68k programs have newer PPC native versions etc. Few native demos etc... maybe Sketchblock would be worth try? Never tried myself though.. I could give more killer apps for MorphOS, but we'll have to wait more if it's ever seen under emulation

Cherry Darling's games are quite cool too: http://www.cherry-darling.net/

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For me (being a bit of an astronomy geek) the 'killer app' for Amiga OS4 is definitely the updated version (v1.7) of 'The Digital Universe' which has been ported to OS4 by W. Eaves. Its the best Astronomy program on the Amiga and is now updated to run on OS4 and PPC. It is still sold so would have to be purchased but I think £17.50 for an ISO download is pretty reasonable for such an excellent program. I can't comment on this version but I purchased v1.03 back in the day for 68k Amiga's and it was great fun.

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here is no killer app on os4 in comparison to amiga to my knowledge. sketchbook by broadblues might be considerd something special and native, digital universe another. odyssey being just port from morphos is cross platform and has problems to be run on os4 "classic" due to os4 memory limitations, from what you may hear. anyway an updated version of odyssey is on its way to aros, so it will be available for 68k in short i trust, then os3 port can be made. im just learinig of internals to help with it.
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There really isn't a killer app. PPC games run faster than on a classic if using a NG machine.

Plus it works out cheaper/better value than buying a PPC card. Runinuae is okay, but for some reason I can't get two USB joysticks working at the same time, and some games run slower than on my A1200 060 using WHDLoad.

I mainly use it for Scumm and the odd browsing.

Under WinUAE with AmigaOS 4.1 FE it's fun to run, the browser is better than OS3.9 and it runs faster than my A1200. But no 3D as there is no Radeon support.

Okay to play around with but that's it.
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