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Old 04 December 2002, 16:22   #21
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Pirates was one of the games I was going to mention but I forgot. I think it would definately be huge if a decent sequel was made. There have been a couple of pirate games like Cutthroat but IMO they sucked. There is a Pirates Online but I don't know if its got anything like the traditional Pirates.

@Shatterhand and Drake1009
There have been other games in the X-Com series, but none of them were the same as the original. The second was underwater which I didn't like and it was also alot harder, but admittibly it made some improvemments like to the research system. Apocalypse followed a different concept I think, you had to stop the Aliens infiltrating governments and fought in office buildings and tower blocks. The other games in the X-Com series are IMO not even worth counting, although maybe the email game is okay.
The other problem is most of X-Coms sequels are old too, or at least TFTD and Apoc are. I want a nice, new UFO that is like the original although it might be cool to have UFO and TFTD rollede into one. With todays technology they could make the game more vast and varied, when it comes to the tactical combat. Rather than interceptor being a seperate game they could just incorporate a simple flight combat sim into the game, which should be optional. Now that I think about it if they combined UFO, Terror, Apoc and Interceptor it might make a really good game.
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Old 04 December 2002, 16:48   #22
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Everybody knows I hate 3D... if used improperly

So a proper 3D sequel of Street Rod would rock ass... I think there are shitloads of possibilities in such a game. How did nobody think of it already! It's incredible, they try to 3Dize the most unthinkable stuff, like Cannon Fodder, and a game that could be 3Dized perfectly is left into oblivion!

Bring on the supah-dupah 3D Street Rod please!
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Old 04 December 2002, 17:00   #23

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There is a game like Street Rod in 3D, you buy cars and tune them up and all that crap.

Problem is though the game is bugged to fuck and slow as hell (Even on my XP1800 GF3ti500)

It's called:-

Street Legal
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Old 04 December 2002, 17:41   #24
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I'd love to see another Dizzy - especially if on a PDA / phone too.
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Old 04 December 2002, 18:13   #25
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I would like to see a new version of Trexwariors. It is already 3D, but would benefit with texturemapping etc.
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Old 05 December 2002, 13:25   #26
Mr Softy
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Floppy disk

Syndicate! With the technology and AI nowadays they could do something impressive here!
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Old 05 December 2002, 23:41   #27
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Street Rod I and/or II !!! With new graphics and the ability to zoom in and out on all the details of the cars, would be nifty!
Old 05 December 2002, 23:58   #28
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That would be nice indeed.

There are so many good racing games out there. Street rod was one of the greater in the fact that you had maintenance of it to do. It would be nice if they made more varied tracks you could run instead of the old drag and road race.

A classic Street rod with all the details would be nice, but a game in the style of new racing games with the modifying and tuning would be great. Star wars Racer had a bit of this in the fact that you had to buy new parts, but there were no fiddling with putting it on yourself. You weren't tuning anything, not finding bargains and not losing your pod.
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Old 06 December 2002, 09:36   #29
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I'd like a decent Chaos Engine sequel
I totally didn't like the official sequel
I often wish that the first one you could play by yourself
So that all the credits are mine
Mine I tell you!!!
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Old 06 December 2002, 09:45   #30
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I sucked so much at Chaos engine 1 that while I got game over the computer hadn't died once.
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Old 06 December 2002, 18:33   #31
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an Eye of the beholder 4 or a remake of Champions of krynn. or better a remake of Death knigts of krynn.
i used to play pools of darkness and the remake the last year. ok the game was ugly. the problem is that no matter how long and 3deezed it was, the interface was horrible, the rules were badly implemented etc. ok the remake, with the point of view of a december 2001 or 2002 player, it was a bad game anyway; but what you loose from the original was the most important thing, the ambience. i still think that your imagination and how well it is excited is the best FEATURE of a game. i don't think is so obvious, i mean i don't want just to interact by moving things in a game (but the same is for a book) but i want my mind to get pulled to think by association of ideas in many others/differents areas of "thenonplacewherethoughtsgowanderingandtrasformating"
i don't mean to get out of subject: my token is that probably there are many games instead that need no remake or sequel.
i would be horrified if a sequel of Lotus Turbochallenge would be like Need for the speed 6 or whatever
i think that we just need the new games to be nice games and i do think that they are ALREADY just 1 in a couple of years while we would not be into retroplaying if we would not love the old and poor games. any need of 21 century sequels?
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Old 06 December 2002, 19:19   #32
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Turrican 4!!!... or Thornado on the PC (a promised Turrican sequel on the PC) !!!
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Old 07 December 2002, 12:06   #33
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Aha.... Thornado! Thats the one I was trying to think of.

It's still listed as being in production on Factor5's website.


No info unfortuantly.... only a demo .mp3 file
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Old 07 December 2002, 16:59   #34
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I would have loved to have seen Thalion do a sequel to Ambermoon and therby complete the trilogy - something which they had always intended to do.
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Old 07 December 2002, 21:07   #35
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@Antiriad: was'nt Albion a kind of sequel to Ambermoon? it came out just for pc...
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Old 09 December 2002, 13:46   #36
Pipboy approved
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Originally posted by Ian
Even if Broken Sword 3 is rubbish it'll still be better than those "click on the pretty picture" type of adventure games ... They suck IMO.
Hey now! Wait a minute. Are you telling me that point and click adventure games are rubbish?
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Old 09 December 2002, 17:40   #37
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Pool of Radiance remake was rubbish but again, another 3rd edition game, newervinter nights wasn't as good as it could be. Maybe the 3rd edition rules are to blame. Being able to cast higher level spells because of high charisma is nonsense. A mage that can cast high level spells should have high charisma, not the other way around
Old 09 December 2002, 19:07   #38
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@Burseg: yes it is a hell of system. i believe that they like it at wiz of coast because of the continuous uplevelling of stats: it's a kind of hybrid with others rpg systems, a high number frenzy. personally i can say ok, just implement it properly and without maths (!) errors. they occours some time you get too much differents modifiers...
worst of all, as you say, the twisted logic beneath it...
all that to say that i've just reinstalled it yesterday and that i'm going to play it again!
never finished: i got stuck for some disappeared key/items
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Old 09 December 2002, 19:30   #39
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I never liked D&D 3rd. preferred AD&D 2nd.

And I definately don't like the fact that they bought up Chaosium's Call of Cthulu to make a D20 version of it instead of their dead simple yet quite usable D100 system. *sigh*

I usually steer clear of computer RPGs and prefer the pen and paper ones.
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Old 09 December 2002, 23:42   #40
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@Burseg, Marco, Drake1009
This is drifting off topic now, but if you don't like the 3rd edition rules what did you guys think of Baldur's Gate (and TOTSC) or Baldur's Gate 2 (and TOB)? I don't really know much about AD&D but I know the Baldurs Gate series is 2nd edition rules, which I was used to and liked. They may have been complicated to some but they made sense to me. I couldn't wait for Neverwinter Nights, I loved the idea of playing it online, but once I learnt it was a different ruleset to BG my interest started to fade.
Once I got it I read the manual and watched my brother start to play NN but I couldn't be bothered. It really is quite different, and I was in the middle of replaying BG1 with the idea of going through both it and BG2 the good way and then evil. Basically I got distracted from BG1 and haven't touched it for a quite a few months now, so until I finish them again theres no chance of me going near Neverwinter. Then there are enough mods for BG to keep me away from NN even longer.
Anyway anyone played a Baldur's Gate game?
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