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Old 09 December 2002, 12:28   #21

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I personally just LOVE epic, it is even in my list of top 100 games of all time. Yeah, it indeed is very easy, but it's a game I always used to get back from time to time and finish it again.
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Old 09 December 2002, 13:53   #22
Pipboy approved
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Did: GTA3
Didn't: The suckiest game of them all namley Simon 3D.
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Old 09 December 2002, 13:58   #23
Going nowhere

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dont get me wrong

I enjoyed playing Epic...... shame it lasted only 4 hours before I completed it though!

Not what I expect for 25... hence why it didn't live up to the hype.
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Old 10 December 2002, 04:33   #24

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Location: Rio de Janeiro / Brazil
Age: 34
Posts: 2,773
Didn't: Quake 3 (Athoulgh most people will say it did), Street Fighter 2 (The Amiga Version, of course ), Mortal Kombat 4, Counter-Strike (For me at least, I found it extremely boring), Elfmania (Best Beat'em Up ever? BAH!.. not that bad though)

Did: Metal Gear 2 (On MSX ), Metal Gear Solid (Now on PSX and PC ), Alien Breed 2 (Athoulgh I think most people will say it didn't), Uridium 2 (I dunno if it was really that hyped, but The One hyped it a lot). Sensible World of Soccer.

It's very true I didn't pay $25 on Epic... I actually didn't pay anything to have it
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Old 10 December 2002, 09:25   #25
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I knew I didn't like Quake3 ever since I got to see a glimpse of it when my brother was playing it. I only recently bought it in a compilation of Quake1-3 and only because I needed it to play a mod with someone I know online. Worst money spent on a game I think,,,well apart from Daikatana which I was stupid enough to buy even if it was in the bargain bin at 5. There are just some games a low price can't save.

I bought Unreal tournament shortly after it was released and was happy with that game. Plenty of interesting mods, somehow all the Q3 mods played like shit. And the original levels weren't the "let's see how many levels we can make with brown, rust and gray" design. Besides the UT bots were much better since they designed Q3 to be primarily for multiplayer. So they did with UT but at least bothered thinking of the guys without internet connection.
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Old 10 December 2002, 19:20   #26
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Litil Devil (Gremlin) was hyped alot and ended only being pretty to look at.
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Old 11 December 2002, 03:31   #27

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i also bought UT, to fill the gap until QA3 was released... being a bit of a quakehead, i didn't really have any high hopes for UT, but after playing it for a while i was hooked...

...when QA3 was finally released, i found myself going back to UT... back in 56k days i played UT abit online, but when i got a DSL connection i played UT all the time.

i'm currently playing UT2003 but find it very simular to QA3 - having said this is the only "modern" game i play (only online thou)
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Old 11 December 2002, 10:39   #28
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hey! monkey island 1 and 2!
here in italy in april '94 (methinks) they made a fictionary preview of MI 3 (that would be ambiented in space) with faked graphics... and people believed it: you could see in the ads, months after that, the shops put it on their list of games shortly to be released! alas the true 3 did'nt made the hipe (not bad actually, but who cares? in 2001 the story was getting even worse)
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Old 07 August 2015, 19:10   #29
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Strider for Amiga... still can't believe the PILE OF SHITTY LIES the magazines wrote about that piece of crap, calling it "perfect conversion" and similar things...

And that bucket of trash called "Ace", when the wonderful Sega Megadrive version came out, still dared to wrote:"This version from Sega is as good as the US Gold version for Amiga", BULLSHITS!>_______<
Old 11 August 2015, 10:49   #30

Join Date: May 2015
Location: Australia
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I preferred Amiga strider to the megadrive version

Not a popular opinion I know, but the megadrive version just felt wrong.
Looked better than the Amiga version, but felt very muddy.
Loved it in the arcades so was pretty disappointed that magazines seemed to focus on the graphics when reviewing it.
I expected a lot and as such was disappointed with the end product.
Contrary to this I expected little from the Amiga version so was pleasantly surprised by a game that played nicely, albeit with scaled down audiovisuals.

Strider2 however,..... eww, regardless of the platform (us gold version, not the arcade sequel that came some years later).
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Old 12 August 2015, 02:52   #31
Adrian Browne
Jackie Chan
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Capcom really need to do a new strider game in 3d. It's tailor made for 3d.
Light Exploration and intense action. Shimmying along ceilings and seamlessly leaping into combat. The sword could be made to partially lock onto enemies thus killing them in mid-air etc.
There's money to be made in a new trilogy. The original has a unique atmosphere and world.
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