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mä vaan
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I like to tinkering with OS and with 040/060 it starts to be very fast and comfortable to use, no matter how heavy OS installation is.

I have several accelerated Amigas 030 33mhz, 040 40mhz and 060 66mhz. I would say that life starts from 040.
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I can't bear going back to a stock A1200 after just having an 030/42..the 64MB of ram is a godsend for OS3.9 and everything is just snappier...and frontier is quicker
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Michael Sykes:-

You want to hear my music?? Really?? People still listen to music in 2014 other than the X Factor???? Im speechless.


My experimental break beat stuff with hardware samplers:-

More general stuff here:-

Even more general and most recent stuff here:-

Be sure to consume like a locust, pay nothing at all and demand more and more and even leave comments telling me how it should be done even though its all free.
Be sure not to even use one single calorie of energy and hit the like button either, it will get in the way of rapid consumption of the next and the next and on and on
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Michael Sykes
WinUAE end user

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Tanks for the insight, sounds nice.I really like that Bad Company song.
Hearing it while typing this.
Btw do you have a midi adapter for your miggi?If not you should get one since Octamed supports midi control.
Even better,if you have one already, get bars and pipes.
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Hiya Michael, thanks for the listen mate. Always appreciated.

Just uploaded two more today.
Housey - [ Show youtube player ]
Trancey - [ Show youtube player ]

These are off the last 6 months, just too bone idle to upload them haha. The house one is predominantly done on an Akai S1000 sampler. (1988)

Yeah I have a MIDI interface that fits one of the ports on the back. I hope it still works, it hasn't been used since the 90s. It should, my A1200 works fine.

Do you compose yourself?
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