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Top Ten Amiga CD32 Games

Awesome article on the Top Ten Amiga CD32 Games written by Retro Gamer Magazine. Are these your top ten games?

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Nice list, heres some of my favs

Gunship 2000
Nick Faldos Golf
Pinball Fantasies
Simon The Sorceror
Super Stardust
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1. Zool 2 - for music
2. Brian The Lion - hard but great game, nice music and some extra levels
3. Super Stardust - game require skill to play but after that it's fun
4. Kid Chaos - love to play first levels for speed
5. Fight'n'Spirit - looks great and play great with pad (with standard joystic I would never touch it)
6.Black Viper - good music, nice graphic
7. Flink - game looks like old fairy tale, only bad thing is sound effects quality
8. Marvelous Marvin - another great platofrm game, not much changed, nice music
9. Chuck Rock 2 - for humor (Sega consoles have nicer graphics but Amiga version is not censored)
10. Quick Thunder Rabbit - nice game (maybe one day I will finish it)

Overall - I hate those typical "top 10" lists, You will either need to kick out some cool games out of it or add some trash to make it full.
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My List:

Super Stardust
Beneath a Steel Sky
Lotus Trilogy (soundtracks are different to the floppy version, although i dunno why)
Jaguar XJ220
Black Viper
Chuck Rock 2
Pinball Fantasies
Ultimate Body Blows
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I'm not sure if Jaguar XJ220 is cd32 game, I do not remember to see anywhere cd32 version of it (just checked HOL).
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Originally Posted by Gzegzolka View Post
I'm not sure if Jaguar XJ220 is cd32 game, I do not remember to see anywhere cd32 version of it (just checked HOL).
You are correct, its not.
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So in this case game is probably from some custom made games compilation. Still it could be cool if Jaguar got AGA/CD32 version. Just think about it, both sound effects and nice audio tracks, short movie with sport cars in intro, quicker car repair (never like how long it take to chceck every car part) and more colours (tracks got nice variation of different elements just like Lotus, but graphic is very dark and lack bright palete colours).
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I love reliving my youth with every issue of Retro Gamer; great magazine.

I was thoroughly disappointed when I got the CD32 even though I still had the Amiga 500 at the time. Basically because of the few games that were available for it. Eventually I ditched both my CD32 and A500 for the A1200 with external disk drive and a CD-ROM drive. So here's my list (in no particular order lol):

Roadkill (brilliant FMV intro and great game too)
Simon the Sorcerer
Super Stardust
Pinball Illusions (was disappointed it didn't include Vikings table though...)
Jungle Strike
Simon the Sorcerer
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