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Old 22 September 2014, 18:50   #1
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WinUAE 2.8.1 crashes with Wazp3D

Last weekend I had an eye on WinUAE. I wanted to run BlitzQuake with Wazp3D but I was not able to get it working. WinUAE keeps crashing to Desktop when running a Warp3D application.

What I did:
Host is an IBM T60p with XP (32bit). I think this machine should have enough power for this.
Downloaded WinUAE 2.8.1 (ZIP archive).
Updated DX to DX9c.
Did a setup for an A4k, 040, 2MB Chip, 16MB onboard, 128MB turbocard mem., "allow native code" turned on, uaegfx zorro III (8MB).
Installed OS 3.9 + BB1+2 + MWB39
Installed Picasso96 2.1b. It selects the uaegfx automatically.
Installed Warp3D.
Extracted Wazp3D, copied the uae library to LIBS:Warp3D.library
Copied the soft3d.library to LIBS.
Copied the soft3d.dll to the winuae.exe dir.

OS3.9 runs fine. I can run WHDload games and demos etc...
But when I run e.g. gears68ksmall WinUAE freezes and then crashed without any "comment" to desktop.

What did I miss?
Thx for advice.
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Old 22 September 2014, 20:52   #2
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You seems to have done all the right way

What happen if you start Wazp3D-prefs ?
Then test with Aminet/cow3d as it is a pure Warp3D program with few dependancies

You talked about gears68k but did you install stormmesa to have OpenGL support too (WaR/Zp3D is NOT OpenGL)
Btw i Recommend to install my Aminet/StormMesa2010 that have some bug fixes

If it is still not starting then start a full debug like this

Alain Thellier

From Wazp3D/docs:

Program xxxx is not working how can i debug ?
For xxxx you should do a full debug

Enable Debugger

Then do xxxx > ram:debug.txt
Let xxxx run just one second then close xxxx
If the program crash due to Wazp3D then the faulty function is the last function in debug.txt
But if the last line is Error=W3D_SUCCESS then the crash is not Wazp3D fault and occurs outside Wazp3D.
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Old 22 September 2014, 21:21   #3
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I forgot to mention stormmesa2010 is already "installed" too.
gears68ksmall is a Demo application which comes with Warp3D.
I cant debug Wazp3D in AmigaOS because WinUAE crashes to the windows desktop when I start a Warp3D application in AmigaOS.
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I cant run cow3D in WinUAE - it tells me: "need some FPU to run" - allthough FPU (internal) is activated in WinUAE...
Old 22 September 2014, 21:39   #5
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"need some FPU to run"
Not a cow3D nor Wazp3D message so certainly your WinUAE install got a problem

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Old 22 September 2014, 21:51   #6
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I configured in WinUAE:
Hardware CPU & FPU:
FPU CPU internal

I installed SysSpeed and it doesnt show me any FPU... thats strange?!?
Old 22 September 2014, 22:35   #7
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Perhaps you dont have an a4040 rom...
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Old 22 September 2014, 22:52   #8
Toni Wilen
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Missing 68040.library. Or use 68020 + FPU.
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Old 24 September 2014, 11:53   #9
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Does it works now ?
(BlitzQuake is used to works wery well with Wazp3D)

Alain Thellier
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