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I am searching for old space strategy game

Hi guys,

I need help with remembering and searching for a game.

You were in command of a giant spaceship. Apparently you all crew members were sleeping and space ship was flying somewhere..then ship received a signal and automatically woke up all members.
Then game will start. I remember each encounter was something like collecting some other ships or fighting with other ships. sometimes it was trade encounter with some alien etc.. one in particular encounter was when you meet some alien in ship with cloaking device.

You could build fighter ships (i remember that you could have a fighter fleet to defend mothership from attacks), develop tech stuff, building some parts in order to improve your mothership witch was like Galactica for example. Resources were very limited, mostly you could gather something after each encounter which were coming one by one, never few at same time...game was something like a strategy.

I remember that you could take control in fight with other fighter ships durring combat and you could gather resources with something like tractor beam. That was the way for collecting resources.

Game was on Amiga 500 I think, probably in early 90's, at least it was a period when I had Amiga...I also had a C64 but I doubt that it was possible to be that old.

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btw its not Starflight
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Going nowhere

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its not K240, that is on the ground, building base ect
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Found it. It is Exodus 3010
thanks for all who helped me by having it here on forum, also thanks to the people from other forums as well who helped a lot with ideas, most of them are excellent games. I'll be playing all of them for a while.

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