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My Amiga Hardware Programming site is up!

Last week I spent a few evenings coding a CMS to make Coppershade.org into a proper website. Previously it was the place where I put useful links to Amiga stuff needed for coding demos and following my Amiga Hardware Programming tutorials on Youtube.

Now I've added a few articles including one on size coding, programming small demos, the 1K bootblock intro I released in February in this case. I've also uploaded some sources suitable for those (re-)learning Amiga coding.

I've also written some articles on Protracker, and today I uploaded part 26 of Asmskool which is part 3 of making a song for our demo that we're making.

There are also some online 68k Assembler tools coming up.
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Great. Good to have resources. Thanks.
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Thumbs up

That is Excellent and hopefully more Assembler tutorials would be helpful to anyone
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Old 02 June 2014, 22:59   #8
Tassel / LaBaN

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This is very good to refresh my knowledge again
I stopped with assembly coding when I almost got wise to it.

Now I want to sit down and make some small productions for fun after almost 14 years with the Amiga been left alone in the attic all these years. Thank you!
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Old 03 June 2014, 14:02   #9

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tassel: That's music to my ears, that's exactly why I do this

Speaking of music I hope to get the last part of the Protracker module for the demo we're making uploaded to Youtube tonight (had some issues with the recording software). Then it's only having the demo play the module and some small stuff left on the demo!
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Old 09 June 2014, 16:10   #11
Fernando Cabrera

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Hi Photon! (and everyone else )

I've been an Amiga owner, fan and game player for the last 23 years. Some months ago I decided that I wanted to learn how to code in assembler for the Amiga and maybe try to make a game, though I wasn't sure at all that I could get very far... I was very lucky to find your Amiga Hardware Programming tutorials on Youtube just at the right time. It was exactly what I needed and, in part thanks to that (and in part 'thanks' to not sleeping as much as I should :P), many months have passed and I'm still as interested and motivated as I was the first day. Thanks for such a great job!

P.D: I'm also glad to see your web site updated accordingly...
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Old 09 June 2014, 16:53   #12
We need more scans!

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Awesome Photon :-)
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Old 14 June 2014, 07:40   #13
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Awesome tutorials But I'm missing part 25, is it skipped by reason?
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Old 14 June 2014, 16:25   #14

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Location: Eksjö / Sweden
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Thanks for this! I had set it to private while trying to find the lost few minutes clip that should go at the start of it. I didn't find it but forgot to go back and publish it. I describe in the description what happened just before the video starts.

[ Show youtube player ]
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Old 19 July 2014, 00:16   #15
AMOS Extensions Developer
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A great website, with some cool tips

I will sub and watch your tutorials on YouTube as soon as the weather cools down here in the UK - I'm not really patient or attentative in the heat
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Old 25 August 2014, 14:21   #16
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First of all, thanks Photon for this awesome tutorial.

Had Amiga 500 as a kid but never really coded anything with it back then.
Now i have learned so much by following your tutorials and also got a real Amiga 500 + CRT-monitor to keep thing more "real".

i hope to get some prod out sometime

Keep up the good work!
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cool site Photon.
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Old 26 August 2014, 14:47   #18
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That's great! Thanks Photon
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Thumbs up

Always more and more videos, thank you very much for your work. I'm enjoying each new video and learning so many things.. A real pleasure..

Thank you so much
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Old 14 October 2014, 23:15   #20
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Just discovered your site and YouTube channel. Great stuff! I wish I'd had this information 20 years ago. Loving picking up where I left off and filling in the gaps.

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