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A Horizontal shoot-em-up game...

My colleague is looking for a game way back from the 8 bit era, (definitely not an Amiga game as he never had any Miggies) where he had to fly with an airplane over a river ( or sea, or ocean) and from time to time he had to land on ships to refuel, toherwise ran out of fuel and crash...
I have some faded memories regardin an arcade game like this one, but also can't recall it's name...

Any ideas?
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River Raid?
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Harrier Attack by Durell Software?

Edit: from Wikipedia -
"The player controls a Sea Harrier fighter, looking sideways onto a right-to-left scrolling seascape and landscape. The aim of the game is to take off from a carrier, attack ships and land targets, avoid the odd missile and enemy fighter, then land back on the carrier again"

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I'd say it's the famous Wings of Fury, dunno on which platforms it was released though, but wasn't it quite widespread?
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Sopwith? https://www.google.pl/search?q=sopwi...w=1920&bih=917
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Raid on Bungeling Bay. (it was a helicoptor)
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Top Gun for NES?
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