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Please Help me find this HAM game

I remember I often used to see a full page advert in the Amiga magazine I read for a HAM game called Bug something. Anyway know what it was? I'm sure the first word was Bug. The screenshot showed a little man with a pest gun and some barrels if I remember against a bright background.

Also What other HAM games are there? Was Top Banana one?
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jeff b00toNic
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Maybe this one.
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This one claimed to use HAM mode!!
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Old 31 March 2014, 00:00   #4
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Maybe it's this unreleased game? Seems to fit the advert description... somewhat
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Little man with gun is in Evil Insects but it's AGA game http://hol.abime.net/5936
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It'll be Dynamic Debugger for sure. It was advertised in tonnes of magazines at the time but never released. Click the Reviews tab to link to the preview articles and the Miscellaneous tab for the advertisement.
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Old 01 April 2014, 18:34   #7
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Well done TCD. That's it Dynamic Debugger. The name actually came to me that night - strange how your brain does that.

I just googled it and found this:

Richard Hewison used to work at Imageworks, and mentioned that John Knox was behind the game for around 2 years, but nothing much was ever completed. The demo shown in magazines for the Amiga was a very simple HAM mode demo with a few sprites flowing around. It was nowhere near finished at that time. Eventually it was pulled before Mirrorsoft went into administration at the end of 1991.
Thanks for the other HAM games. I partly wanted to count the number of actual onscreen colours in some Amiga games. So far if anyone is interested I have

Paradroid 90 = 28 colours
Xenon2 = 16 (makes very good use of those colours!)
Cadaver = 16

Lionheart - 176! (analysis shows most of those colours are in the background copper graduation, every few pixels is a new colour). It's not always that many, another screenshot was 52)
Shadow of The Beast 1 (first level with all the parallax) = 78

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Old 02 April 2014, 09:35   #8
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I always thought that a pinball game should be a prime candidate for HAM on the Amiga. You only needed to cover the sides of the moving objects with hw sprites and could do the HAM fixup there (as it takes 3 pixels).
Not many moving objects and no overlap. A little strategic planning for playfield colours and the blinking/moving backgrounds should blend in nicely.
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Old 05 April 2014, 00:09   #9
Mrs Beanbag
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for a pinball game, the ball could easily be a hardware sprite. And changing elements on the table itself - flashing lights &c - are really no problem at all because they don't move, just change colour. This would be easy. In fact if I remember rightly some pinball games didn't even have any background behind the flippers, just a solid colour.
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Amiga Nuts!
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Ot but there was a beautifull fantasy game in HAM mode too, with wariors, chevalry and kings and princess to rescue in it, but I don't remember the name of the game...
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