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Thumbs up Greetings from the UK and long time Amiga user!

I've been using Amigas my whole life, more or less. There was a gap of a few years where i stopped using them. Believe it or not though, only had an upgraded one recently. I also thought it would be appropriate to post this using the Amiga in question..my lovely, still white, albeit a bit overpriced but personally delivered A1200 w/Viper 030 accelerator overclocked to 40MHz, added PLCC FPU chip and 32MB EDO RAM. Also have another accelerator (Typhoon 1230 MKII) at 40MHz without FPU and 32MB EDO RAM..sadly only have this one PCMCIA network card though. Otherwise i'd have 2 Miggy 1200s on the 'net! I'm using IBrowse, of course. And Miami 3.2B under AmigaSYS4 in case anyone wondered. Need to get 3.1 ROMS still, though.. I'd love upgrades for my A500, 600 and CD32 but...well i already paid a lot for this.. I'm glad i don't have to use floppy disks at all though!

If only she could play MP3s

So yeah...hi and stuff!

I just wish i had an 040/060/PPC/A4000/A1200T etc.. lol

Edit: Using a Gonbes GBS-8220 with 5V 2A power brick and a VGA monitor, in High res laced mode for video.Have an ATX PSU to power the Miggy.. Also tried the heavy 500 supply with 4.3A @ 5V and a 600 and 1200 PSU, still works stably so it definitely isnt a power issue with random lock-ups! Amazingly hasn't died yet but loves locking up when trying to transfer from a PCMCIA flash kit or using Amiga Explorer.. Then i have to run DiskSalv/QBTools

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Welcome my friend!
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Hello and Welcome
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Hello and Welcome

If only she could play MP3s
MAS Player Evolution (MP3 Decoder)

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Welcome. Yep, I was going to post the same than AmigaKit. You can perfectly play Mp3's and listen radio streams with a MAS player.

Originally Posted by chaoshusky View Post
...Need to get 3.1 ROMS still, though.. ...Amazingly hasn't died yet but loves locking up when trying to transfer from a PCMCIA flash kit or using Amiga Explorer.. Then i have to run DiskSalv/QBTools
AmigaKit also has 3.1 roms and if that's not the problem with the pcmcia, they can also make a complete recap.
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Wow.. Man did life get in the way of this! Sorry to bump such an old thread.. Only issue i'm having now is for some reason, when first turned on, Amiga attempts to boot (HDD light starts to flash) then the power light dims and it resets.. Click again to skip the SCSI detection and then it boots.. Oh yeah, i have 3.1 ROMs now kindly provided by my friend for both Amigas.. Also have a FastEIDE controller and 16GB CF card, she boots CWB3.9 really rather quickly. Finally have the thing working properly (again) on the 'net too..

I can re-cap and whatnot myself, don't worry about that, i build certain hardware for Amigas (nothing too fancy) amongst other things.. I need to stop fixing other people's problems and get back into this but something always comes up :/ lol

Regards, sorry again for reviving a long dead thread!

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