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Original disc - Floppy drive on PC - What now?

Hello all,

I am a new member, having just joined today.

I have the original copies of 'The Publisher: Kindwords 2.0' (and the fonts discs, etc) and a huge amount of discs which I need to access (I wrote a book using Kindwords, many moons ago) and I have a USB floppy disc drive attached to my PC, allowing me to (at least) insert my old discs.

I have a copy of Amiga Forever Plus Edition.

I cannot, for the life of me, work out how to get the emulator to load up from my floppy drive.

Having looked through various sites and trying to comprehend this issue, am I right in thinking that I cannot use my floppy drive in conjunction with an emulator and get it to load up my discs...?

I would love to just be able to grab an emulator, insert discs and load up my old files, allowing me to read their contents and even to transfer them onto my PC, to use in what way I see fit. Is this at all possible...?

Can you please "dumb-down" your answers/replies: I am 44 and I am fast turning into the technophobe that my parents used to be and I so arrogantly scoffed at. Irony, I know...

Apologies for being so utterly ignorant.

Thanks in advance for your help.
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Just to be clear, are the floppy disks you've got Amiga formatted disks? If so I don't think it's easy for a PC to read them.

You don't need the emulator to read these disks anyway.. if your PC can read them, copy the contents to a folder on your hardrive (you can tell the emulator - winuae? to mount a pc drive as an amiga harddrive.)

If your PC wont read the disk then neither will the emulator. Might be easier to send your disks to someone with a real amiga (that's what I did a while ago).
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You need to convert the real floppies to adf images first, as the pc floppy won't read the disks directly. With a catweasel card you can read the disks and create adf's from them, but without the card, it's impossible. there is another thingie that can do it, called the kryoflux, but i never used it and don't know how it performs. If you have a real amiga, you can also use Amigaexplorer wich is included in amiga forever for creating the adf directly from your amiga drive, connecting both computers by serial cable. I personally have a catweasel and the process of reading or writing floppies works very well. The other types i mentioned i never used it, so maybe any other forum member who has experience in it could post here. Any other questions, feel free to ask, and welcome aboard!
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You are quite welcome to send me your disk collection for backing up to ADF images if you think it's practicable.

If you have no Amiga machine, then it won't be possible for you to use Amiga Explorer (included with Amiga Forever) to transfer the disk images to your PC, and the cost of posting them will likely be less than the price of a KryoFlux interface which you may never need to use again.

I will make no charge for backing up your disk collection or returning it to you together with the disk images on CD-R. During the process, I can probably fix any problematic disks too.

PM me if you're interested.
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Thanks all for the replies.

I have both an Amiga 500 and an Amiga 1200. I will look into getting the serial cable.

@prowler: many thanks for your very kind offer but, I'll go with the above steps. Take care.
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Two words bear repeating since you're goingit yourself:

Write protect, write protect, write protect. Can't stress that enough.
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You can also copy it to a PC-floppy (720KB) on the A1200.

How to use Crossdos http://www.l8r.net/technical/t-crossdos.shtml

If you use Windows 7 or newer type format a: /t:80 /n:9 to format the disk to 720kb.

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I agree with Fryguy, for just a few documents, crossdos on the A1200 works fine.

1: Make sure PC0 is mounted like in Fryguy's link above.
2: Copy documents to A1200 hard drive or ram:
3: Copy back to PC formatted floppies ( PC0: )

You can also format PC0: on the amiga to produce a PC floppy.

Not sure if it's required, but I remember taping over the small window opposite the write protect for the PC to recognize HD floppies as DD.

I guess installing Kindwords on WinUAE is more comfortable than actually using it on the amiga.

Good luck!
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