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Originally Posted by Lonewolf10 View Post
Some nice code comments there

I have a similar list in the start of my own (ASM) game, and am looking forward to playing JetHunt AGA sometime in the future... or tomorrow if I can find a time machine!
That time machine could help us both, but if I keep chipping away at this even only slightly, it will get finished eventually.
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So with so much 'Yes' in your list I guess this will be coming along soon?

It looks like it's coming along very well. It will arrive when it does and I'm sure it will be worth it!
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Originally Posted by leathered View Post
So with so much 'Yes' in your list I guess this will be coming along soon?
I'm sure there are things I've forgot to put on that list, but they'll appear as I get closer to finishing it.

It looks like it's coming along very well. It will arrive when it does and I'm sure it will be worth it!
I bloody hope so, I so want to get this out soon. Got the Bloodstock festival coming which means no coding this weekend then a small holiday but then I'll be back to it.

Update: Today I (finally!) fixed the bomb explosion colours, the outro music (and it jumps to it correctly now), the wrong frame on main sprite when coming back in after death and the collision detection tightened up!

It's getting there, and will get there eventually...
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It's still coming honest, here are all of my notes so far (yes you can see the gaps where I wasn't able/about to code!)

; To do
; -----
; Titlepage - yes, white flash glitch at beginning which wont die
; Maingame - no tentacle, raft, deadly blocks yet
; gameover - yes!
; drawscreen - done I think!
; dopause - yes!
; movehero - yes!
; deadhero - yes - needs tweaking for restart and bomb anim
; dobomb - yes! pauses during death sequence at the moment
; collidebombhero - yes
; collidebomb - yes with hero and walls and they disappear
; dolaser - yes!
; collidelaser - walls nearly, Bat, moth, snake, lamp, spider
; dolava - yes! And it worked first time! Better than PC version!
; getcontrols - yes
; mapcol - yes
; drawbads - all bar tentacle, raft and crushing wall done
; initbads - yes
; collidebads - lamp, bat, miner, snake, spider and moth in so far
; levelcomplete - yes!
; restartlev - done!
; setupvars - yes - called initvars in this one
; resetcount - yes
; about - yes
; dostars - yes
; intro - yes!
; outro - yes!
; dohighscores - not yet!
; domenu- yes
; initscores - yes
; initopts - yes
; Known bugs
; ----------
; When lava there, bottom is quite difficult, needs tweaking
; Screen glitch on starting the titlepage - white garbage flash
; points explosion returns when reentering screen sometimes
; explosion of wall appears on the next screen
; collision needs a little work for accuracy tweaks/compromises
; Seems to be slow on bare A1200, not optimised code yet though
; left firing laser to wall collision not correct, right is fine!
continued in next post...
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; -------
; 20/09/2014
; ----------
; Fixed bug where death brings you back in the wall
; Fixed slowdown on some menu options on titlepage
; fixed crash when laser on and leaving the screen
; Pause sprite graphic displays correctly when paused now
; 15/09/2014
; ----------
; Added fix to destructable wall code so lasers can be checked
;   to stop them going through walls and shooting baddies!
; laser now doesn't go through walls! Yay!
; added map fix for snake gfx bug, almost fixed!
; 14/09/2014 (not much time today so little tweaks)
; ----------
; Parallax background tweaks, looks much better now
; Fixed big bug where new game would corrupt the gfx, found that
;   I was not resetting the bitmaps after the outro!
; Main sprite was reappearing on the outro, moved and fixed!
; Created and added "Pause" sprite so it can show on pause
; 13/09/2014
; ----------
; Snake collision entered into code.
; collision with spider was very out, amended.
; Fixed GameOver colours in outro
; Fixed crash in outro and added pause at last line
; 07/09/2014 - come on Rob, you can do it!
; ----------
; Small change, but big speedup in drawbads, only now check the
;   baddies if there is a baddie to check. Should have always
;   been there!
; Added same speedup to laser code
; ...and added the speedup to collision code too!
; Fixed menu restoring to old state after going into About page
; Game now completes and goes to outro if you get >1,000,000
; 05/08/2014
; ----------
; Fixed wrong sprite shown on dropping into screen after death
; Fixed wrong colours on explosion sprite! Finally!
; tweaked collision for spider and moth, bat is ok
; Fixed outro and entered into code, game over sprite wrong
;   on it but this is fixable for sure, probably by text
; 04/08/2014 - well behind, back to it now though
; ----------
; Big delay, I did write and release Amiga4096 though!
; I think when dying, sprite comes back right now, wrong frame
;   showing for now though.
; Bats and spiders now kill you, collision needs a little tweak
;   though as I'm using rectangle collision which is hard to
;   get to look good compared to the PCs pixel collision
; moth now kills you, getting close to adding more stuff!
; version upped to v0.89 - not long now I hope
; 15/05/2014
; ----------
; Bug with stripey screen during explosion fixed!
; 06/05/2014 (another day off, come on Rob!)
; ----------
; Added deadly destructable wall to screen - finally!
; fixed explosion position bug for moth and wall
; walls can now be destroyed with the laser!
; version upped to v0.87
; got rid of most of the display glitches apart from titlepage
; snake can now be killed!
; fixed gfx bug where miner had too many arms on levelcomplete
; death routine almost works. not quite, but almost!
;     (next stage will be calling it when a baddie is hit)
; ...well, the bomb now kills the hero, explosion stops at the
;     moment but that should be easy to fix... I hope!...
; because of death, version now upped to v0.88!
; 25/04/2014 (a day off work with flu, time to code...)
; ----------
; fixed bug where left/right didn't work entering/exiting screen
; fixed timing of levelcomplete to be the same every time
; 22/03/2014
; ----------
; lamp smash sound was too quiet so made louder
; levelcomplete finished! Scoring may be off but will tweak...
; added needed bugs list to code
; version upped to 0.86
; 07/03/2014 - Not had much time, hopefully today...
; ----------
; Map fixing, boring but just played game up to level 20
;   and implemented fixes found en route!
; removed fixes on levels 7 and 8 as above fixes got rid
; of those bugs too.
; Removed map fixes from main loop as was taking up time
;   placed in the drawscreen routine - nice and efficient!
; Just played through all 20 levels! Yay! Although there
;   are a couple of minor graphic block bugs, they can be
;   fixed. :-)
; 18/02/2014 - Bit of a gap unfortunately...
; ----------
; About page didn't fit on the screen, graphics edited
; 25/01/2014
; ----------
; ditched Playmodule for CIATrackerlib - converted code
;   outro music may have to still use the old lib - maybe
; music selection is much easier now, code trimmed!
; Finally updated music to allow one channel to be turned off
;   for music and sfx, changed this to the default option
;   sound fx and music works and sounds great, music only and
;   sfx only remain a selectable option if wanted though
; lamp smash sound entered into code and fixed collision bug
; 19/01/2014 - sound day!
; ----------
; Started finally adding some sound effects
; implemented music off option
; got bomb, laser, baddieboom and jetpack sounds working
; got music and sound effects working - but very buggy
; 18/01/2014
; ----------
; Most of the messed up routines restored. Also managed
;   to up the fetchmode to 1 for an increase in speed both
;   on the titlepage and ingame, thanks Lielo for the invaluable
;   assistance! Screen is now 320 wide again still with sprites!
; fixed collision errors with bombs and lasers a bit
; created new test version disk
; 07/01/2014
; ----------
; Finally fixed display bugs, Had vwait in the wrong position
;   this didn't show up under emulation as I had cycle exact
;   turned off for A1200 but quickstart had it on. Doh. Now
;   the explosions work again. Still cant get higher fetch-modes
;   to work yet though. But I'm still within a frame. With RAM.
; 05/01/2014
; ----------
; Well, it's 2014 so changed graphics to reflect this
; Had to rebuild code from earlier version to fix bugs
; an update since 5/12/2013 had corrupted the game so I added
;   each updated routine manually into the 5/12 version
; 05/12/2013
; ----------
; Fixing the map bugs again, serves me right for not fixing
;   the PC version of the map data. But level 7 can now be
;   completed. Now to check and fix the rest of them...
; Right, first 9 levels are complete and fixed apart from a
;   few minor sprite placement probs. Level 10 has bugs and
; also the doubling of speed isn't working on the sprites.
; fixed foreground colour when level selecting
; you can now start at level 1,5 or 9
; 01/12/2013 - (less than one month to try and finish!)
; ----------
; Fixed map bug on level 6 which crashed the game
; 30/10/2013 - only a few things but they took ages!
; ----------
; Bombs left shown onscreen and works!
; redrew power bar to suit Amiga resolution in PPaint
; Powerbar is in and it updates correctly too. Panel is done
;   as much as I can until I implement... death!
; 29/10/2013
; ----------
; Added Down/Fire2/C options for drop bomb - menu works!
; Finally got joystick working again which I'd broken when I
;   added keyboard controls way back in July... Oops!
; Cant get drop bomb on 2nd fire button but key works. Odd.
; added pause! It freezes everything for now, may improve later
; 27/10/2013
; ----------
; Started work on the panel, level and score are displayed
; fixed drawing order on screen entry
; small tweak to menu to make it wrap as was irritating!
; fixed displaywidth on titlepage as some sprites were off
; fixed some corruption and edited titlescreen
; finally added 256 colour logo to before the pretitles
; sped up score drawing, only updates when needed now
; panel is up and running, dont erase excess yet, so the
;   bombs, power and lives remaining don't update. Soooon...
; Lava is done! The bit I was too lazy on the PC to do! And it
;   looks pretty good considering it's slightly botched! Yay!
; strange block bug in level 5 and map bug in 7. tomorrow...
; 26/10/2013
; ----------
; Main menu can now be drawn using domenu, although I have to
;   think about how to erase the text, txt{} may need an extra
;   erase flag which would draw a black rectangle...
; So I have indeed added erase mode to txt{}
; and now the main menu is completely done!
; level select works, level 5 can now be selected - this means
;   I can fix the bugs in the later levels and also going left
;   and right between the screens
; fixed in game displayadjust as right hand side was offcentre
; Hero can move left and right between screens properly now!
; Drat, map fixes from PC version are now in the wrong place,
;   that's another pain to fix but it's bed time...
; 24/10/2013
; ----------
; Outro is done, stars are a little buggy but will do for now
; Actually, fixed those bugs, added a sprite and coloursplit!
; Animated outro sprite and integrated code
; upped version to 0.7
; fixed small explosion/snake bug
; Main menu is displaying, can't be selected... yet!
; implemented colour split on titlepage which will allow menu
;   options to be selected. Will do that next, time for bed!
; 20/10/2013 (one year! Nearly there I reckon!)
; ----------
; Done a nice small font, hopefully this'll work
;   added the small font and code to draw it... if it works!
;   took some time but got the font in and working
; realised snake is being overwritten by small explosion oops!
; Added score, power and level gfx to panel
; Now font can be drawn, time to work on the outro...
; pretty productive, got most of it buggily done!
; 14/10/2013 (Only a quickie today)
; ----------
; Added lamp to laser collision as I'd forgotten yesterday!
; 13/10/2013
; ----------
; Started work on collidelaser - need to shoot the baddies!
; Bat, moth and spider can all now be shot, no explosion yet
;   can current hit baddies through walls but will fix later
; added scoring finally, it's almost a game!
; added small explosion for baddies and 50 now shows too!
; added the same for the 75 now. The positioning isn't
;   great yet but it works so onwards.. can tweak later!
; (a good day considering I didn't expect to do any!)
; 12/10/2013 - turned 40 on 29/09 - recovered now!
; ----------
; added slight background colour to bomb to show blocks if dark
; added sprite based starfield to titlepage - works but buggy
; and lo, the stars on the titlepage are fixed and done!
; Oops, had put the main sprite in the titlepage - fixed!
; realised the star sprites could have frames, some frames done
;   although if there's disk space I may use more later!
; 23/09/2013 - right back to it!
; ----------
; changed some bblits to qblits and blits to speed things up
; added blank 16 colour buffer for darkness and crushing walls
; snake edited, added to code, tweaked, and works!
; added flash to screen during explosions
; fixed lamp graphic because it was often floating in the air
; added lamp collision for hero (not laser yet) - lamp goes out
;   although this has no effect on the screen yet...
; now it does, blocks go dark and background isn't drawn
;   this doesn't look too bad and I have enough memory to do the
;   bomb in the background scratch buffer. :-)
; fixed flicker between screens as best as I can, still a little
;   colour change between screens. Will try again at the end
; fixed jump on first screen and map mess up when staring a
;   new game after playing one game. Going well today it is!
; wonder if I can spare a hardware sprite for the explosions...
; I can, explosion is now a sprite. :-) yay! Speedup! I only
;   had to shrink the explosion to 64 wide and map the colours
;   to the main sprite palette. Now onward...
; fixed "Game Over" sprite appearing behind player
; added deadly blocks, need some work but the code is in :-)
; 17/08/2013
; ----------
; Explosions cause slowdown on some screens - thanks Leilo
; 30/07/2013
; ----------
; Still playing with copper bar but will look good
; added copper bar to colour 6 for more onscreen, needs
;   some tweaking but it looks good
; fixed bug in wall removal
; 28/07/2013
; ----------
; Not much today but added a small colour split to screens
; started to fix problem going off left and right
; found later on the map crashes the game, will investigate
; 27/07/2013
; ----------
; Laser in, no collision yet but sprites work and it works!
; walls can now be blown up!
; Walls also stop the hero properly although it does show up
;   the bugs in the controls, they'll have to be rewritten
; destroyed walls now restore the background correctly
; Created Game Over graphic and showed it as a sprite
; 26/07/2013 - baby steps
; ---------
; Got starfield code to finally work on the Amiga in 256 cols!
; realised old intro music was 16 channel - oops! Time to dig
;    Out the old ProTracker!
; Got a passable 4-channel version of intro music done
; got a funky way of showing the intro text using sprites
;    3 x 64 pixel wide sprites show the text, I think I may
;    use this for either the main menu or getting a starfield
;    behind the titlepage
; Found out PT mods don't free up properly, drat
;    Ah, it wasn't PT, it was Modplug tracker on the PC not
;    saving the MOD properly. Fixed using good old PT2.3!
; Intro completed! :-)
; now that's odd, 64pixel wide sprites are now working!
;   however, it works so I'm a happy Coagulus
; Added laser as sprites, there should be enough I hope!
; 21/07/2013 - heatwave stopped the coding for a bit
;   started work on the intro, converted the text and found
;   the starfield code.
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continued again...

; 15/07/2013
; ----------
; Added different coloured parallax backgrounds
; first parallax background colour was wrong, fixed
; 14/07/2013 - too hot, but still coding a little
; ----------
; fixed map collision as I'd missed blocks out
; fixed bug 1 from yesterday by moving screen across. Got
;   to get font in soon as must be using loads of CHIP RAM now
;   and I still need to get the SFX in!
; Fixed screen collision bug in going off the left but this
;   has caused the next screen to come up wrong, more to do.
; to cheer myself up, colours of each foreground are like the
;   PC version now. Not the parallax layer yet though...
; 13/07/2013 - quick code, more tomorrow
; ----------
; Got fed up of having to plug joystick in so coded keyboard
;   controls. Took a while but same controls as PC now
; found 2 bugs in explosion, may have to alter screen. Boo!
;    bug 1 - explosion causes crash if it goes off the edge
;    bug 2 - 75 graphic has overwritten last frame
; fixed bug 2 - bug 1 will involve quite a few changes...
;   moved graphics from "75" graphic up on place
; 24/07/2013
; ----------
;   After such a good day yesterday, this will be quieter...
; Added tentacle graphic to code
; fixed bug in moth positioning
; found a font that should work. From my first Jethunt attempt!
; added 2nd fire button for thrust, for those with one
; added bomb sxplosion graphic to code.
; got explosion added to bomb routine and it shows and works!
; added 50, 75, raft, tentacle and entering mines gfx to code
; now doing some gfx palette merging so everything works
;   that's it for today. More soon!
; 23/06/2013 - right, back to it!
; ----------
; Added spider graphic to code
; Added spider to screen - worked first time!
; added bat graphic to code
; added bat to screen - also worked first time!
;   realised qblits aren't going to work though, they
;   overwrite too many gfx. will try bblit, if that's
;   too slow I could xor the gfx over themselves...
; switched to BBlits - looks like lots of time left. :-)
; added moth to code and onscreen - worked first time too!
;   although moving graphics are running too fast
; added lamp to code and onscreen - worked after a tweak
; added dobomb routine, will need some tweaking indeed
; tweaked dobomb, now bomb drops then disappears - no boom yet!
; solved speed issue some baddies! That's it for today.
; I lied, got miners to raise hands
; moved hero start position a bit - now that's really it!
; music changes per level now... right, time for bed!
; 16/06/2013 - yes, gaps but still progressing!
; ----------
; Freed 3 colours in parallax to draw the laser (buffered)
; Realised I'd not been using AGA Dpaint, oops!
; Redid some gfx using PPaint
; Implemented double buffer
; drew destructable walls onscreen, no collision yet!
; drew miners, no collision yet either!
;   so... I guess I'd better do some collision
; collidebads started - collides with miner! Yay!
; added basic levelcomplete - now to test screens. :-)
; Some screens need some collision work and the controls
;   as usual need tweaking, but it works.
; tweaked collision for miners until it worked properly!
; a good day, I think next is to get the font in
; 09/06/2013
; ----------
; tweaked gfx, looking a lot better now
; 03/06/2013
; ----------
; moved game gfx+music loading to setupgame routine
; added freegame routine to free the gfx+music afterwards
; added wall and deadly wall graphic to the code
; 27/05/2013
; ----------
; More tweaks to controls, call the routine twice now but
;    it feels better so that will do for now.
; Announced properly on EAB and Youtube vid uploaded
; 26/05/2013
; ----------
; Added getcontrols, 30 lines of PC code down to about 4!
; Converted the movehero routine... finally!
; Added screen changes so screens can be navigated!
; now to tackle map collisions - doesn't work yet!
; map collisions fixed - took all night but controls are
;   like the pc version now! :-)
; 16/05/2013
; ----------
; Code was getting unweildy, INCLUDE-ing finished routines
;   to save space - makes things easier - and a little modular!
; 28/04/2013
; ----------
; copied GFX pointers from PC version to make porting easier
; 21/04/2013
; ----------
; AGA has quarter pixels! :-) I forgot about that. That means
;   I can just use the same res as the PC version for calculations
;   and divide the variables for displaying. Sprites and scrolling
;   will use half pixels to match PC detail. And quarter pixels
;   for the parallax background. That should look even nicer
; Did quarter and half pixel display test. It worked!
; realised gfx are getting hard to remember the numbers so
;   will use variable labels like the PC version
; 07/04/2013 - slow but still on schedule
; ----------
; Created 3-channel version of game music for sfx+music
;    option - forgot this back in the 90s when I wrote it!
; 13/03/2013
; ----------
; This looks like procrastinating but I've been working
;   on the test code and gfx. Some code today I hope!
; started writing the movehero routine and tidying others
; added drop bomb code, just need the dobomb routine now!
; started on getcontrols routine as needed for movehero
; 18/02/2013
; ----------
; parallax implemented into code relative to sprite, seems
;   to work so wont use the push scrolling idea just yet.
;   As long as it doesn't take to much cpu to work out!
; Spent rest of evening trying to get colour splits to work
;   I finally got it to work, mind you since it's double
;   buffered and 50hz and flicker with one a solid block
;   of colour may work too, more tests needed. This is for
;   the deadly blocks. Messing the palette does affect the
;   baddies and explosions too, so it may be a flicker!
; 17/02/2013 - gaps, but still going in the right direction
; ----------
; Created new Entering Mines graphic
; Fixed corruption leaving titlepage
; started rearranging the code as everything was loaded
;   at the start, now titlepage and maingame will have
;   loading just before - this should then work in 2MB
; got a gamescreen up, the map draw code actually works!
; fixed bug where first time to game went straight back
;   to the titlepage
; got ingame music playing, and my selector code works!
; got sprite displayed, on mouse but displayed nonetheless!
; 03/02/2013 - right, this is the year!
; ----------
; added choosemusic statement to code since selectore works
; added mapload - map can now be er... loaded!
; added text funtion from Timebomb, which ironically was
;   lifted from my original attempt at JetHunt on amiga!
; added ESC to quit so put loop in, title menu sprite gets
;   corrupted, will fix that bad boy next...
; Hmmm... this one will take some more work. I can show
;   the titlepage then open the game but the sprite gets
;   corrupted. Might be because the game has no gfx...
;   back to my displaytest code...
; Fixed above bug, took all night grr. Was Spritemode again
; 19/01/2013
; ----------
; I was right about the 2012 release, ah well...
; After tinkering can do 3 64pixel 16 colour hardware
; sprites. I don't need that many but means that I
; have sprites left over for the background and possibly
; the laser...
; had sprites in borders turned on, is now off and better
; trimmed memory usage a lot, god my PC coding was bad!
; will have to shrink the music a little maybe though...
; got music selector working!!!
;               address is peek.l(addr module(0))+952 !!!
; 23/12/2012
; ----------
; A 2012 release does look unlikely now but I still want
;   to release the Amiga version as I should have all
;   those years ago. So back to it!
; After lost some source switched coding to HD not floppy
; Continued adding the PC routines for conversion
; 02/12/2012 - bit of a break but back to it!
; ----------
; added fire to start to titlepage (baby steps!)
; checked drawscreen, it should work!
; using hardware sprite for title menu - buggy but works
; fixed palette for title menu (lost 16 cols of titlepage)
; got 64 pixel wide 4 colour sprite for titles - works! :-)
; removed map variable, was wasting lots of ram!
; added initbads routine from pc version
; added resetcount routine from pc version
; added to do list so I can keep track of things
; decided to use hw sprite for raft - I think!
; converted raft graphic to sprite palette and loaded it
; added map bugfixes from pc version
; added work on porting maingame routine from pc version
; added doublebuffer to drawscreen
;       (somehow, it all still compiles! - So far!)
; 18/11/2012
; ----------
; Finally got HW AGA sprites to work properly in displaytest
;              thanks to Lielo on the EAB for the assistance
; 11/11/2012 - right back to it...
; ----------
; realised how much memory I was using so started to
;   implement seperate loading for the titlepage and game
;   for things like music and screens. A bit more disk access
;   but will help the coding no end.
; added all the baddie data from pc version - took ages!
; 07/11/2012  (quiet day but still chipping away at it!)
; ----------
; Added some colour to the rocks, look better now
; remember to save the block saving proggy this time too
; added main sprite to loadage and converted it
; got music playing on the titlepage!
; all in one load so far... we'll see if that lasts...
; hmm, until I tried it. It may fit... we'll see!
; 06/11/2012
; ----------
; wrote test program for the map conversion
; conversion hadn't gone perfect - all night to get right
; but tilemap is now fully converted and works!
; added drawscreen routine, doubt it'll work but the
;   fundamentals are there and will help later.
; still not running out of chip ram. Cool!
; 04/11/2012
; ----------
; wrote program which has hopefully converted the map
; copied converted map (73K) to the amiga disk
; (still one disk so far! Yay! Now to squeeze it in memory!)
; added variables from PC code
; started adding the routines from the PC version
; 30/10/2012
; ----------
; Converted blocks to 8 greys (will use palette to effect)
; Had to shrink screen to 304 with a bigger scroll as the
;     hardware sprite is a big one and AGA hates sprites!
; 21/10/2012
; ----------
; got main sprite converted to 16 colours and saved
; got titlepage usable
; 384 pixels isn't going to work, 320 with slight scroll?
;     shouldn't make the game too hard... I think. erk!
; Decided first go will be AGA, using a dual playfield
; 16 colours on 16 colours should do the trick....
; Wow, forgot how cludgey it is, got a display finally!
; And got the main sprite displayed correctly.
; slight scroll looks pretty good, hope it's not too hard!
; got a dual playfield main screen with a 256 colour statbar
; 20/10/2012
; ----------
; Set up floppy and started work converting the gfx
; copied the music file across
; tiles need to be 16x16 so a 368x256 screen will be used
; 24 blocks across (indented across by 8 pixels
; an actual double buffer of 384x256 in reality
; got graphics down to 16 colours... looked bad
; found Thermite's original gfx, palette is much better!
I will finish this bloody thing...
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I hope this is suitable for the CD32
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Originally Posted by earok View Post

I hope this is suitable for the CD32
Well it's AGA so I don't see why not, and it uses two fire buttons. I'll see what I can do. Got to finish it first though!
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Err - forgive me if I've missed something but is there a playable release of this available yet?

BTW Looks great from the YouTube video
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http://eab.abime.net/showthread.php?t=76508 still no full version yet though. I'm still hopefully to get it finished soon though.
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