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Floppy disk AKWF Sample Collection for Amiga (4363 IFF & .256 waveforms)

This is the complete Adventure Kid Waveforms collection converted to 8-bit samples and 256 bytes length. The loop is enabled and there are 8 empty bytes at the beginning to allow resampling up to two octaves without suffering changes in the beginning of the sample (the ST instruments require the first 2 bytes set to zero, so part of the data in the loop would be affected without those 8 bytes). Moreover, the beginning of the loop has to be a multiple of 8 in Protracker 3 in order to play it properly.

I used a length of 256 bytes for the cycle because it's tuned (set finetune +1 for real A=440 tuning), retains sufficient quality and is easily divisible by 2 repeatedly, in order to reach higher octaves if needed: You will notice some loss of harmonics but not much.

If you want to get the original files for your DAW please go to http://www.adventurekid.se/AKRT

On the page you'll find a visual guide of all waveforms available if you need to locate some at a glance.

It's amazing the quality and richness of these sounds, and they are just perfect for chip music: Believe me, you HAVE to try them.

All rights (if any) remains to Kristoffer Ekstrand-Adventure Kid, I only did the resampling and looping job to extend its use to Amiga. IT'S NOT MY OWN CREATION!

Adventure Kid Waveforms for Protracker
Adventure Kid Waveforms for MusicLine Editor

note: Someone upload those files to the zone please, i don't know how to do it.

If you want to convert them on your own way, the script needs to be in the drawer with the waves subfolders, along with "header" and "sox12" files. Execute with double click and wait... (it took me 5 hours to finish!)


Adventure Kid is the stage name of Kristoffer Ekstrand (born July 22, 1982). Kristoffer who is based in Sweden uses obsolete personal computers, hand held gaming consoles and video game consoles in conjunction with modern synthesizers and sequencers to create music and art.

PS: Does anyone dares to make a set for Musicline and/or AHX ?
PS 2: Sorry if my english is poor !

My new cpc464 chiptune inspired remix
[ Show youtube player ]


Update 1: I Created a script to convert with sox (provides much less aliasing) to both musicline and iff loops
Added download Musicline Editor raw waves
Updated IFF collection. (01/14/2014)

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The Amiga port of the AKWF collection is now an official release!!


I have made a tutorial for MusicLine Editor to show the waveform editing capabilities of this hidden gem.

[ Show youtube player ]

Happy tracking!
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Thank You

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