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WinUAE Questions

Hey all;

A.) I want to link two PC's running WinUAE together so I can play datalink games like Populous II; My PC's are both connected via a PCI network cards... is it possible to do what I want with just this?

B.) I cannot get Sensible World Of Soccer to run at all under WinUAE... does any one know if it's possible to do?

C.) Using disk2dfi I have copied most of my original amiga software onto my PC in .adf format... but there are some games/data discs which aren't recognised as DOS discs, so I cannot copy them across under disk2dfi; My Carrier Command saves for instance. Also Pinball Fantasies loads ok on my working A500, despite there being errors on the discs. However, when I make an .adf of it the highscores are corrupted under WinUAE. Ultima V loads fine on the old Amy, but I can't make a working adf of it (it simply locks up)
I never really got into the technical side of my Amiga; is there any way I can try and remove the data from a disc (PF was a cracked copy, I am ashamed to admit), add it to another disc, then make an .adf of it, and copy the data back onto a working .adf I have? X-Copy (Amiga) can't see my Carrier Command save files, but if it could, and I could get the highscores/character data etc, would this be a viable workaround? If not, does anyone know of any Amiga / PC utility which might help?

D.) Under WinUAE, is there a "power off" function anywhere? Most of my self made .adf's seem to refuse to work unless I close and then restart WinUAE... Also, is there any short cut key to do video/sound dumps? It seems I have to set output type first and then return to the program/game...

Sorry for all the questions, but none of the FAQ's I have found seem to help.
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Toni Wilen
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A: Not possible (not yet, at least)
B: I haven't tested. Probably bad configuration. (Maybe ticking "more compatible"-checkbox helps)
C: http://www.arabuusimiehet.com/twilen/uae/rawread.lha supports custom formats (custom save disks and some copy protected disks)
D: Does resetting with ALT+CTRL+AMIGA+AMIGA (or ALT+CTRL+INSERT+HOME) work? If yes, your disk(s) might be infected by Amiga bootblock virus.. D2: no
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Question Continued

Hi there;

Thanks for the answers... one further question; how do I get the file you linked to back onto my A500?

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You should copy something like transdisk to your amiga via serial or via a 720 kb disk, than send the adf from the pc writing it to a pre-formatted 880 kb disk.

I hope this link will help you a bit:

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Also, SEARCH this forum for furtehr help on this subject. It has been covered a zillion times. Check our FAQs too...
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Yet more questions...

Ok, I've read as many FAQ's as I can, and tried the various methods, and I am unable to get any transfer programs onto my Amiga A500. I shall spare you all the grizzly details, because at present I do not know if it's a cabling or user related problem.

So instead, is there anyone here who would be prepared, if I sent them a blank formatted Amiga disc and a self-addressed paid envelope, to copy file transfer software (or anything which will allow me to get at the data on the discs I can't make working .adf's of)? It's a very cheeky request I know... but I would desperately like to get the Data off at least Ultima V before the discs eventually decay.

Also, has anyone managed to get rid of the nasty white bar on the right of the screen when using horizontal centering? I'd use the OpenGL settings, but it seems to lose a lot of the image sharpness (It's especially noticeable on text)...

Once more, sorry for the noobness.
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