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Old 21 November 2013, 20:48   #1
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Orinoco WLAN / prism2 not working

I bought a Orinoco Gold pcmcia wlan card (from amibay) for my A1200 and been now trying to get it to work but haven't got very far. I've been searching forums etc about it, but usually the problems are about AmiTCP/Miami/whatever but I can't get even that far.

It's supposed to work with aminet /driver/net/prism2v2.lha but after installing that, 'C:WirelessManager prism2.device' says 'Failed to initialize driver interface'. Sometimes it also says 'fault 20', but not everytime.

When I use the verbose mode, it tells me:

Initializing interface 'prism2.device:0' conf 'ENV:Sys/Wireless.prefs' driver 'default' ctrl_interface 'N/A' bridge 'N/A'

Configuration file 'ENV:Sys/Wireless.prefs' -> 'ENV:Sys/Wireless.prefs'

Reading configuration file 'ENV:Sys/Wireless.prefs'

Line: 1 - start of a new network block

ssid - hexdump_ascii(len=8):

41 61 68 4f 6f 68 47 41 mynetworkname (mynetworkname is an example)

PSK - hexdump(len=32): [REMOVED]

Priority group 0

id=0 ssid='mynetworkname'

Failed to initialize driver interface

Failed to add interface prism2.device:0

Cancelling scan request

Cancelling authentication timeout

I also tried the network bootdisk for amiga, but the final status is 'AmiTCPIP log OpenDevice: Device or unit failed to open'. I guess that fails actually earlier, in the 'device activation' but the error message is shown only after AmiTCP tries to do something.

And naturally, nothing happening on the card's led's.

I'm really not surprised that this is giving me a hard time, but sure I would like to get it going.

EDIT: And I've been using power switch -reset as I understand there is a problem with warm reset with A1200 and PCMCIA cards.
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I'll install it again, and write here what I do. There isn't a lot to do in intermediate -setup, but do I still fail it somehow?

I start the installer, choose intermediate and install for real.

Main networks name (SSID): My wlan network, name has 8 letters, lower and UPPER case

WPA passphrase: In my router it says WPA2 PSK and I've set up a word with 13 lower case letters

Then it generates a key for a while.

Do you want WirelessManager to be started automatically during boot up?: Proceed

Installation complete! Prism2.device can be found in your DEVS:Networks, Proceed

The I edit the s:user-startup. I remove <>NIL: from the line that starts wirelesmanager to see it's.

Powerswitch reset

Failed to initalize driver interface
C:Wirelessmanager failed returncode 20

And that's that.
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I am trying just the same thing.

Have you tried "C:WirelessManager prism2" (without ".device")?

I managed to get as far as that Wirelessmanager gets connection and Roadshow gets an IP and everything looks great but all I can do is ping myself, and there is no DNS.
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Old 21 November 2013, 22:05   #4
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Originally Posted by Amiga_CDTV View Post
Have you tried "C:WirelessManager prism2" (without ".device")?
Yes, but no help.

Originally Posted by Amiga_CDTV View Post
I managed to get as far as that Wirelessmanager gets connection and Roadshow gets an IP and everything looks great but all I can do is ping myself, and there is no DNS.
When I first set everything up, I installed prism2 and AmiTCP and restarted the computer, and I could ping my own ip (or was it too. but as I couldn't get it going I started from the scratch and noticed that my problems start while loading WirelessManager.
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WirelessManager seems to try to open prometheus.library, powerpci.library and cybpci.library. I don't have them, should I?
Old 02 June 2017, 21:19   #6
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Hi I'm new to this forum but have been used Amigas for a long time

I have a bit of a problem setting up a WIFI network at my Amiga 1200. I bought this PCMCIA-card.


And uses prism2v2 (prism2.device). Most of the times it just wouldn't list any networks (just once) when running WirelessManager, and ofcourse doesn't connect to my own.

Anyone knows why? Havn't flashed the PCMCIA-card, it lists as a Agere System PC-Card in a PC laptop and I have read the manual of prism2v2 and it says Agere card doesn't need to be upgraded.

Thanks for any help, I have tried to get it to work in a couple of days now but no avail

Also, running C:CardPatch and C:CardReset TICKS 50 AUDIO ON in Startup-Sequence.
Old 02 June 2017, 22:26   #7
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Hi. This card is a Thomson Speedtouch 110 - it's got a white edge connector just like Orinoco Gold. Just like Orinoco Gold it only supports WPA/TKIP. It does not work with WPA2/AES and you cannot flash it.

You can try and set up your router into WPA and TKIP - B/G mode.
Don't use mixed mode.
Check this recent thread as well. It's a similar story.

If you need a WPA2/AES card then have a look here:

and here:


These cards work with no problems.
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Old 03 June 2017, 15:09   #8
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Any card should at least list your visible networks.

And you do usually need to flash it for WPA/TKIP support, don't you, Sir Lucas? I suppose that Amigastore have already done so, though.
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Old 04 June 2017, 13:21   #9
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And you do usually need to flash it for WPA/TKIP support, don't you, Sir Lucas?
No, WEP and WPA/TKIP for these cards, that is: Orinoco Gold and Thomson SpeedTouch 110 are out of the box. You cannot flash/upgrade them to WPA2/AES.
WPA/TKIP is the best they can do.

Linksys/Netgear/Zyxel cards can be upgraded/flashed to work with WPA2/AES as they use different chipset.
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