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whd help

Hi a newbie needs help. I recently dusted off my Amiga 1200 standard and purchased a cf card with a load of games using whd load. I am having some ddifficulties running basic games such as thundercats, barbarian, and batman the movie. The first two saying I dont have enough memory? Surly that's not the case with those games? As for batman I have no idea. Any help would be great. Also I have heard turning of pre load makes some games work any ideas on how to do this an idiots guide would be great.
Thanks for your help
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roy bates
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how much memory do you have? and what machine is it?

remember,by default they preload.if its a stock machine then you might need more.

for instance batman the movie apparantly needs 0.5mb + 0.9mb
thundercats needs 0.5mb + 0.5mb
and barbarian needs 0.5mb + 0.5mb or 1mb + 2mb depending on the version
i got this from the docs.

the idiot guide for turning off preload is open the info and edit it out to turn it off most of the time,although it probably wont help you if you have a stock 600 or 1200 using a fancy background in a high res screenmode.
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Sadly you wont have a lot of fun on a stock A1200 with WHDload as these requirements are after workbench has loaded and after memory has been allocated to Disk buffers, etc.

Some Games will work but in my experience not many! A 4mb trapdoor Ram upgrade is the way to go or if the budget stretches an 030 based turbo board with 16mb+

You can try booting without startup sequence and loading from the shell and see how you get on, depending on which seller you bought from on eBay there are some that have written scripts to load the games from CLI (i.e just by typing x and a number.) Send your seller a message to see.

If the CF uses a version of Classic Workbench and has been correctly configured you should be able to access the boot menu's to load Games from early startup using AGLaunch, this again saves memory.

As for preload the latest versions of WHDLoad take care of that automatically where not enough memory is available, you could try updating to the latest release if you don't have it already however if your seller used a pirate key as many of the eBay ones do then it probably wont work with the latest WHDLoad.

With that last thing said I highly recommend registering in your own name if you haven't already as WHDLoad is well worth supporting
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