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Octamed forgot!

Hi all, 15 years after packing away my amiga I recently dusted her off and loaded octamed up, amazingly the tv was still tuned in!
I managed to load a song from the octamed disc but can't for the life of me remember how to load songs from another disc! trial and error proved fruitless, as did my copy of the manual.
I also can't remember how to load samples into the tracks,
I seem to remember having to highlight the 'e' button for something???
And also using the F1-4 keys to mute the tracks?
Any help would be great, I'm interested in listening to some music I made, I remember it always sounded really powerful
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This might help: http://cd.textfiles.com/zoom2/info/g...ctamed4manual/

.... and welcome to EAB, dprogram!
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Thanks, i think that's the same as my printed version which doesn't really touch on loading a song, I'll have a proper read thru both tho, thankyou.
Doesn't seem to want to load now, are the drives known to go bad?
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There may be variations in keyboard shortcuts between versions of OctaMED (last one I used was v3 - given away with CU Amiga). but here's another link to more documentation. It's looooong (v6 though... which version you using?) but there are lots of shortcuts listed about 3/4 down the page: http://cd.textfiles.com/amigaformat/.../OctaMED.guide

Listed them below too:


@NODE KeybShorts "Keyboard Shortcuts"
"Keyboard shortcuts" are combinations of keys used to carry out the
equivalent of a mouse operation.

Menu item shortcuts are displayed in the menu itself, as a strange-looking
"A" and a letter. All menu shortcuts are accessed by holding down the Right
Amiga key and pressing the appropriate key. The "A" symbol represents the
Right Amiga key, and the letter represents the appropriate key.

Shortcuts can also be attached to gadgets in windows. These shortcuts are
accessed by holding down the Left Alt key and pressing the appropriate key.
This time, the appropriate key is represented by an underlined letter in or
beside the gadget that the shortcut acts on. This type of shortcut can only
be accessed when the window or main screen containing the gadget is active.
The effect of shortcuts on the various types of gadget in the user
interface can be found in @{"Gadget Shortcuts" LINK key_gadgets}.

Other shortcuts are not visually represented on the OctaMED screen, but
have to be remembered by the user. A full list of shortcuts is provided in
the following topics:

        @{"    Menu Item Shortcuts    " LINK key_menus}
        @{"     Editing Shortcuts     " LINK key_edit}
        @{" Cursor Movement Shortcuts " LINK key_cursmove}
        @{"      Other Shortcuts      " LINK key_others}


(You can edit and view keyboard shortcuts in the @{"Keyboard Shortcuts window" LINK win_keybshorts})

@NODE key_menus "Menu Item Shortcuts"
All keys listed have to be pressed with the Right Amiga key held. Note that
you may only use these shortcuts when the main screen is active.

    A       Open Input Map Editor window
    B       Open Block Properties window
    C       Copy track
    D       Delete file
    E       Note echo
    F       Spread notes
    G       Open MIDI Message Editor window
    H       Open Song Options window
    I       Load instrument(s)
    K       Open Keyboard Options window
    L       Open Sample List Editor window
    M       MIDI Active on/off
    N       New project
    O       Open project
    P       Open Print Options window
    Q       Quit OctaMED
    R       Open Relative Track Volumes window
    S       Open Save Options window
    T       Open Transpose window
    U       Input Active on/off
    V       Paste track
    W       Open Mouse Options window
    X       Cut track
    Y       Open Programmable Keys window
    Z       Swap track with copy buffer

    1       Ext Sync on/off
    2       Send Sync on/off
    3       Send Active Sensing on/off
    4       Send Out Input on/off
    5       Read Key Up's on/off
    6       Read Volume on/off

    \       Open Input Channel window
    [       Local Control on
    ]       Local Control off
    .       Command Shell
    ?       About

Other menu item shortcuts (excluding settings) are documented in the other
@{"keyboard shortcut" LINK KeybShorts} topics.

@NODE key_gadgets "Gadget Shortcuts"
This short topic describes the effects of "Left Alt" shortcuts on the two
types of gadget that Left Alt shortcuts currently affect. (The Left Alt
qualifier can be changed in @{"Miscellaneous Options" LINK win_miscopts})

        Gadget Type     |  Effect on holding Left Alt
       Action button    |       Action executed
         Check box      |   Box checked / unchecked
    Text / Numeric box  |        Box activated
       Cycle gadget     |       Cycles forwards         }
                        | (Shift-Alt cycles backwards)  }  Only available
                        |                               }  under Kickstart
          Slider        |       Increases value         }  3.0 and higher
                        | (Shift-Alt decreases value)   }

@NODE key_edit "Editing Shortcuts"
These shortcuts are used in editing with the Tracker editor.

      Esc             Edit mode on/off
      Shift-Esc       Chord mode on/off
      ~               Space mode on/off

      Del             Delete note or command digit under cursor
      Shift-Del       Delete note and command digits
      Alt-Del         Delete only command digits

      Left Amiga-Del  Delete chord. When L-Amiga is held down, every time
                      you press Del the note under the cursor is deleted
                      and the cursor moves to the next selected track. When
                      L-Amiga is released, the cursor advances (as defined
                      in the @{"Keyboard Options window" LINK win_keybopts 3}).

      Return or A     Insert hold symbol (-|-)
      Shift-Return    Insert hold symbols to all tracks of the previous

      F               Insert / play note at default pitch

      Backspace       Delete note and move following notes up
      Shift-Backsp    Insert empty note slot
      Alt-Backspace   Delete current track
      Alt-Shift-Bksp  Insert new track
*NEW* Amiga-Backsp    Delete line
*NEW* Sh-Amiga-Bksp   Insert line

      Shift- 0 - 9    Enter programmable key 0 - 9
      Shift-Ctrl-0-9  Pick note under cursor as programmable key 0 - 9

      Tab             Highlight current line
*NEW* Shift-Tab       Cycle command pages

      Ctrl-O          Create volume slide (using command 0C)
      Shift-Ctrl-O    Create generic slide (using any command)
      Ctrl-T          Create type 1 slide (using command 03)
      Shift-Ctrl-T    Create type 2 slide (using commands 01 and 02)

*NEW* Shift-Alt-Z     Swap block
      Shift-Alt-X     Cut block
      Shift-Alt-C     Copy block
      Shift-Alt-V     Paste block

      Ctrl-Z          Erase range
      Ctrl-X          Cut range
      Ctrl-C          Copy range
      Ctrl-V          Paste range
      Shift-Ctrl-V    Paste to selected tracks

      Ctrl-B          Range current track
      Shift-Ctrl-B    Range current block

      Ctrl-J          Join block with next
      Shift-Ctrl-J    Split block at cursor

      Ctrl- <         Swap note under cursor with following note, taking
                      account of the current spacing value
      Ctrl- >         Swap notes on adjacent tracks

      Ctrl-K          Kill notes to end of track
      Shift-Ctrl-K    Kill notes to end of block
      Alt-Ctrl-K      Kill notes to end of block and actually remove the
                      deleted part of the block. In other words, the
                      current line becomes the last line of the block.

@NODE key_cursmove "Cursor Movement Shortcuts"
These shortcuts allow cursor movement in the Tracker editor. The cursor
keys move the cursor one place up/down/left/right.

      Alt-<left>          Cursor to previous track
      Alt-<right>         Cursor to next track

      Ctrl-<left>         Previous screenful of tracks
      Ctrl-<right>        Next screenful of tracks

      Shift-Ctrl-<left>   Cursor to track 0
      Shift-Ctrl-<right>  Cursor to last track

      Shift-<up>          Previous block
      Shift-<down>        Next block
      Left Alt-<up>       First block
      Left Alt-<down>     Last block

*NEW* Right Alt-<up>      Up *one* line, whether or not Space is on
*NEW* Right Alt-<down>    Down *one* line, whether or not Space is on

      Ctrl-NK(            Previous song         (NK = numeric keypad)
      Ctrl-NK)            Next song / Add song
      Shift-Ctrl-NK(      Delete last song
      Shift-Ctrl-NK)      Add song with no confirmation requester
*NEW* Alt-Ctrl-NK(        Delete current song
*NEW* Alt-Ctrl-NK)        Add and select song (no requester)

      F6                  Cursor to first line of block
      F7                  Cursor to second quarter of block
      F8                  Cursor to middle of block
      F9                  Cursor to last quarter of block
      F10                 Cursor to last line of block

      Alt-Ctrl-<left>     Go to where sample previously appeared in the
                          song. The sample number is taken from either the
                          number under the cursor, or (if that is
                          "--- 00000") from the current instrument number
      Alt-Ctrl-<right>    Go to where sample next appears in the song

@NODE key_others "Other Shortcuts"
      Shift-Alt-Space     Play song        [ Remember you may also use the
      Shift-Space         Continue song      Left Alt shortcuts underlined
      Amiga-Space         Play block         in the @{"playing buttons" LINK main_ctrl } ]
      Alt-Space           Continue block
      Space bar           Stop playing

      Ctrl-Space bar      Reset MIDI presets / pitchbenders / mod. wheels

      Shift-<left>        Previous sample
      Shift-<right>       Next sample
      Alt-Shift-<left>    16 samples backward
      Alt-Shift-<right>   16 samples forward
      Shift-Ctrl- <       Previous free sample slot
      Shift-Ctrl- >       Next free sample slot

      F1 - F5             Select octaves 1+2 - 5+6 in normal mode,
                          3+4/2+3/1+2 - 7+8/8+9/9+A in MIDI mode (pressing
                          F1 and F5 cycles through several octaves)

      Ctrl- - (minus)     Decrease Tempo slider
      Ctrl- + (plus)      Increase Tempo slider
      Shift-Ctrl- -       Decrease TPL / LPB slider
      Shift-Ctrl- +       Increase TPL / LPB slider

      Ctrl-I              Insert new block
      Shift-Ctrl-I        Insert new default block
      Ctrl-N              Append new block
      Shift-Ctrl-N        Append new default block
*NEW* Alt-Ctrl-N          Append and select new block
*NEW* Shift-Alt-Ctrl-N    Append and select new default block
      Ctrl-D              Delete current block
      Shift-Ctrl-D        Delete last block

      Ctrl-S              Save IFF instrument
      Shift-Ctrl-S        Save raw instrument
      Ctrl-G              Flush current instrument
      Shift-Ctrl-G        Flush all unused instruments

      Ctrl-A              Automatic Advance Down on/off
*NEW* Shift-Ctrl-A        Automatic Advance Cursor Right on/off
*NEW* Alt-Ctrl-A          Automatic Advance To Next Track on/off
*NEW* Ctrl-W              Advance with sound on/off

      Ctrl-F              Display free memory

      Alt-~               Set spacing value to length of current range - 1.
                          For example, marking a range from 000 - 002 sets
                          spacing to 2. It's logical to subtract 1 since
                          with a spacing of 2, the cursor skips from line
                          000 to 002 which is 3 lines long).

The following shortcuts apply to the numeric keypad.

      1 - 9     Selects instruments 1 - 9
    The . key   Changes the first instrument digit (for example, from 05 to
                15 or from 15 to 05)
        0       Selects instrument 10
        +       Next instrument
        -       Previous instrument
        (       Decrease volume of the current instrument by one
        )       Increase volume of the current instrument by one
        /       Select last used instrument
        *       Pick instrument number nearest the cursor
      Enter     Activates "alpha-enter": after pressing Enter, press an
                alphabetical key (A - V) to select the corresponding

      Ctrl-8    Scroll playing sequence up
      Ctrl-2    Scroll playing sequence down
      Ctrl-4    Decrease the current playing sequence entry
      Ctrl-6    Increase the current playing sequence entry
      Ctrl-7    Top of playing sequence
      Ctrl-1    Bottom of playing sequence
      Ctrl-5    Insert current block to playing sequence
      Ctrl-0    Duplicate current playing sequence entry
      Ctrl-.    Delete current playing sequence entry

* In numeric / text boxes:

    Shift-<left>    Move to beginning of box (also Ctrl-A)
    Shift-<right>   Move to end of box (also Ctrl-F)

    Amiga-Q         Restore box's initial contents

    Ctrl-X          Delete box's contents (also Amiga-X)
    Shift-Bksp      Delete from cursor to beginning of box (also Ctrl-U)
    Shift-Del       Delete from cursor to end of box (also Ctrl-K)
    Ctrl-W          Delete current word

  In addition, the Tab key accepts the edited information (like Return) and
  activates the next text or numeric box in the window. Shift-Tab accepts
  and activates the previous box. Remember to press Tab, Shift-Tab or
  Return after editing a box's contents.
Hopefully, the above will assist you further. I've knocked out some tunes in OctaMED back in the day but probably best heard by those who are tone-deaf lol.
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You may find some useful info in this thread too:-

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Thanks everyone, I need to get a new disc drive before I can do anything else!
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Sacrilege this is on PC, and slightly OT, but [ Show youtube player ]
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is there any octamed tuneĀ“s database ?
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Here you go http://fonix.dyndns.org/soamc/index....&sl=&sis=N%2FA all curtious of SOAMC

Just filtered it by the format MED
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