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CaptainM68K-SPS France
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A personal horrible news

Tonight is the sadest day of my whole life

I have to announce that something very serious event has happened.

My father is seperated from my mother since 4 months, and just in order for her to be desherited, to get nothing like the half of the house, and considering the depressive and serious bipolar disorder he has, at 00:00 am
he has put the fire to the family house (he was alone in it), and everything is burnt and destroyed.

My amiga collection has been destroyed to 90%, i only have a few very rare titles with me, all my amiga, atari ST, CPC, PC, console, my arcade hardware, everything is in ashes.

I'm so devastated inside...... all our family photos, all my souvenirs, he has erased us, me and my mother, my brother and sisters.

I just hope that the moderators won't be annoyed for this sad post here.
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License to Bubble

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Sad to hear about your father and your stuff. Hopefully noone was harmed.
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Targ Explorer

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I hope everyone is unhurt and that you have someone to turn to for support.

Terrible news about your collection.
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Amibay Mod/Staff

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sorry to hear this sad news
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Missile Command Champion

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Sorry Denis, sounds awful. Personally and for your great software-/hardware collection.
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Computer Wizard

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What a terrible thing to do against you and the others in your family.
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That sounds horrible and although it's too soon I'll still say it's a great chance for a fresh start. I understand no one is hurt; in that case, life goes on.
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Too stunned to know what to say.
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Really sorry to hear the terrible news.
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Registered User

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Like I said on IRC, all the best for you Denis. It's just terrible news
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CaptainM68K-SPS France
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thanks guys, and the worst is to come since all the credits and things he has running by
cannot be dealt with since we have no access to his credit card. My mum has no more clothes, as him. Hopelly the village mayor will help her to find a flat.

This afternoon i went there, and ironically, i saw Khalaan US box in the middle of the burnt pieces.

everyone of us is actually shocked from what happened, and yes, no one aside him was harmed.

thank to all you for the support guys, it's really nice, i appreciate a lot.
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Old 14 April 2013, 20:59   #12
Global Moderator

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What devastating news!

I'm shocked and saddened to hear that, Denis. My thoughts are with you and your family at this dreadful time.
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Lemon Curry ?

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That's horrible.
Nobody got hurt, but everything is destroyed.. house, your collection, everything.. that's just terrible.
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Old 14 April 2013, 21:20   #14
move.l #$c0ff33,throat

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Horrible news indeed. However, even though a lot of valuable things are now destroyed it is good that nobody was in the house when he set it to fire! Material things can be replaced (more or less), a life can't. I do know how it feels though, friend of mine lost his Mk1 due to a fire too some days ago, 10 years of work destroyed in a few minutes. Life sucks sometimes!
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That's some fu**ed up sh1t there . All the strength!
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Old 14 April 2013, 22:17   #16
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:C Hang in there!
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Oh Jesus Denis, no words can convey the emptiness you must be feeling. Thank god the rest of your family and yourself are safe.

Our thoughts and prayers are with you.
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Old 14 April 2013, 22:29   #18
Cheesy crust

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Denis, although material stuff does not matter when it comes down to it, I am deeply sorry for what has happened.

All the best...
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Puttymoon inhabitant
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Unbelievable this can happen in civilised country
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