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Cool Knights and Merchants Remake


Requires the original game + the expansion, works great with Steam and GOG releases.

Loved to watch my brother back in the days play it, personally I sucked at it and only liked the building part of the game, so I was very happy to find this and... it looks like I still suck at it badly , but the building part of the game is still super-fun - spent almost 2 hours yesterday playing the tutorial.

It's somewhat like Settlers, with a much easier but a VERY fun economy part and a VERY hard battle part (but that's just probably only me).

Also tried multiplayer yesterday, just for the of it, there aren't many people on servers but it wasn't difficult at all to find a game for 8 players, the community is there.
Had a "funny" troll in the game, he named himself llort lirpa and he was very happy to announce that we should read it backwards to reveal his true identity, then he build 4 schools, quickly recruited like 20 builders and started "scouting". By that I mean he created plough fields all the way up to our enemies base and then in the base itself.
Of course people who were here for the actual game didn't find it that funny and left, oh well, part of the community charm I guess...

The remake uses OpenAL audio and if it says it can't be initialized, even if you have OpenAL installed, just delete openal32.dll & wrap_oal.dll from System32 & SysWOW64, and install OpenAL again - had that silly problem meself.
It's fully translated no matter what version of the game you have, I mean I only tried GOG's English version but after applying the remake files and switching to Polish I was very happy to see Polish voices appeared in game, they're the best, so hillariously bad.

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Great game, I remember playing the original.
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The game's price is currently 0,97€ on Steam, come and get it!
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Argh, missed this thread. Its so chaotic that some of them appear here and some appear in off-topic gaming :/
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