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Question converting from lha to adf

can someone tell me how to convert lha,lhz to adf please
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Well seeing as LHA and LHZ are archives just as RAR and ZIP are you'd need to copy the file to the harddisk and then extract it. Then afterwards you can copy it to a formatted ADF file, and if you want to boot from the disk it would be a good idea to have directories for the required files like C and LIBS. Also to be able to boot from a disk you'd need to make a dir called S and in there make a file called Startup-sequence and make a script for which files to run when you boot.

I don't know if this will always work, but it's worked for me a couple of times.
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Cool Conversion

An ADF file is basically the contents of an Amiga disk in a single file.

An LHA file is a compression format, like a ZIP file. It can be used to compress one or more files into a single file.

The two are not interchangeable. You have probably downloaded an Amiga game in an LHA archive. This means that the game files are stored within this archive, which can't be run directly. They have to be uncompressed first.

It is possible to move these files onto an ADF within an emulator, but it is not so simple. The files may be too large for the ADF or numerous other things...

So, it is not a simple case of conversion from one format to another.
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"Most" LHA/LZX files on the "Net" for Amiga are HD Games or files from AMINET, the HD games being patched and fixed to run on HD so there is little chance of us simpletons to know which files came from which disk. The only way you could tell is if you had the ADF's already, making it a pointless exercise.

If you want the files converting, but don't know how, post them here and I (Or someone else) will convert them, if it's possible

LHA's with more than 880k worth of files in them (When uncompressed) are HD versions, making them hard (Impossible?) to convert to ADF's.
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To say nothing of defeating the purpose...why would anyone want to run a HARD DRIVE game from a floppy...
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Well maybe it would be as means of transferring the game. Or maybe because duckie didn't know LHA was an archive.

Or maybe it's just to make an ADF file. If Duckie has an Amiga without harddrive but can write AFs to disks then it would indeed be a good idea to make a disk and play from there.
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Reviving an old topic...

So, I wanted to make an ADF from .lha archive (Boogietown by Ghosttown & RNO).

First, I unpacked the archive. There are two versions of this demo included, for KS1.3 and for newer machines. I created a standard floppy image using WinUAE and formatted it. Then I run CLI and typed 'install DF0:'. After that, I copied the demo (boogietown_ks13.exe) to floppy's root directory and created S/startup-sequence.

The resulting floppy refuses to boot in WinUAE (A500 config). However, it boots perfectly under A1200 config.

What am I doing wrong? Thanks in advance for your advices.
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easy, the floppy is not compatible with A500, because it use a Kickstart 2.0 bootsector (FFS) and not a KS 1.3 (OFS) one.
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WinUAE allows you to create an empty formatted bootable floppy disk image. I guess this image is compatible to any OS version. You should not format the disk image again and write a bad boot block to it.
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