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amiga a500+

hi i am a newbie on here and lookin for help with my a500+.Bought my amiga in 91 had many good times on it,then put it in loft safely i thought.Then i fancied getting the amiga out for a bit of nostalgia.But when i set it up nothing happened.The power light flashed in 10 short blips then one long one,but nothing on screen.Had a look inside and battery had spewed up on motherboard which i have since found is common occurence.Removed battery put it back together but same problem is still there.Anybody any ideas.would like my miggy going again.
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Always a shame to hear of battery leaking damaging machines. The bad news is that even if you've removed the battery the damage is still continuing. The gunk that's spewed out of the battery is alkaline, and eats the copper traces on the motherboard in a rather nasty cascade effect which will spread over time.

You've removed the battery, which is the first step, but now you need to apply a weak acid - either lemon juice or distilled vinegar - to the affected area to neutralise the alkaline. No need to drown the entire board, but just make sure any part that's suffered gunk contamination gets treated. Let it sit for a while, then mop up the acid, and clean the area with isopropanol.

Unfortunately, that rigmarole won't fix your A500+, it will just stop it getting any worse. To get it working again you'll need to figure out which tracks have been eaten through and try to repair them.
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just noticed the floppy drive isnt working at all.Even if i put a floppy in nothing happens.Is it possible one of the chips could be faulty,as cant see any damage to tracks,its removed the green protection but not too far from the battery position.
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Originally Posted by jono52 View Post
just noticed the floppy drive isnt working at all.Even if i put a floppy in nothing happens.Is it possible one of the chips could be faulty,as cant see any damage to tracks,its removed the green protection but not too far from the battery position.

The traces are probably corroded underneath the gary chip. The socket should be removed and the board cleaned. use an ohm meter to check continuity of traces. Its always a good idea to take close up pictures of the board so you can see better. It will take a fair bit of work to rescue it
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It's possible to recognize problem by the screen color:

    * Dark Grey: The hardware test has been completed OK, and the registers are readable.
    * Light Grey: The software side has passed.
    * White: The initialisation is correct and the system is ready to boot.

If there is something wrong with your system you may see the following colours.

    * Red: An error was found in the ROM.
    * Green: An error was found in Chip ram.
    * Blue: An error was found in the custom chips.
    * Yellow: The CPU has found an error before the error trapping software (Guru) has been activated.

These problems could be caused by a number of things such as a loose chip or board. The red screen may be caused by a loose Kickstart chip that can be fixed by pressing down on the ROM to check it is fitted correctly. Another cause could be a connection problems between the chip and socket that can be solved by straightening an bent pins. Alternatively, the green screen could be caused by a loose memory board, SIMM, or a loose RAM chip on the memory board. If reattaching these chips do not solve the problem, try them on another Amiga.
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[ Show youtube player ]

Take a look at this video. Should be very similar to your problem.
Video is a bit lengthy, but well worth watching every second of it.
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thanks for the advice i shall inspect it more thoroughly now. Any more advice and im all ears.Might even invest in another board.Cheers
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Posting a high res image of the motherboard would certainly help people decide if it's worth salvaging. Obviously it would be nice to get your own going, but you can buy a working motherboard (or even complete A500) for peanuts so it's not worth spending hours trying to fix it unless you're particularly attached to it.

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