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NetBSD 1.3.3 hardfile with working X Windows (+ possible problem with swapping/VM)

I have created a hardfile for NetBSD 1.3.3 which you can use with the latest WinUAE beta to boot and run X.

Get it from http://www..com/file/nHXx4kZ8...talled_A3.html. The archive is about 58MB.

Some notes:
Update 2013-02-05: As of WinUAE 2.6.0b6, everything seems to work fine with both 68030 and 68040.

You need to use 68030+MMU because WinUAE's 68040/060 MMU emulation isn't good enough yet.
I created the HDF using an A3000/030 config but it also works with A4000/030, A1200/030 and A2000/030/A2091 configs (but see the next paragraph about RAM).

There seems to be a problem when NetBSD tries to swap (use virtual memory). With 32MB or more RAM, you can run X and some clients (xman, xeyes, edit) with no problems. But with 16MB RAM, after running a few clients the system seems to hang. It's not a crash since the X mouse pointer is still responsive. With 8MB RAM, after typing root at the login prompt the system doesn't get any further. Again that's not a crash, you can for example type and delete characters at that point. My guess is there's some problem related to virtual memory.

If you want to attempt to transfer this HDF to use on a real A1200/A4000 with an IDE drive, you'll probably need to reduce the FFS partition's MaxTransfer value using HDToolBox.

Steps to get X running:
  • At the CLI window type gobsd MULTIUSER
  • After NetBSD boots, log in as root.
  • Edit .cshrc to add /usr/X11R6/bin to your path using the vi text editor. Type
    vi .cshrc
    Move the cursor down to the 4th line and to the right so it's over the right bracket character. Press I to switch to insert mode. Press Space then type
    Press Esc to return to command mode, then type
    and press return to save and exit.
  • Log out by typing logout, then log in again.
  • Create a .xserverrc file like this:
    echo "X -dev /dev/grf0" >.xserverrc
    Or if you want to use the 1024x800 or 1024x1024 A2024 modes, like this instead:
    echo "X -dev /dev/grf0 -cc 0 -width 1024 -height 800 -depth 2" >.xserverrc
    echo "X -dev /dev/grf0 -cc 0 -width 1024 -height 1024 -depth 2" >.xserverrc
  • Type startx
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