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Which consoles have you kept, sold, plan to sell or plan to buy

I know its not an Amiga topic but I am interested to hear peoples opinions on the different consoles / computers they own, which ones they plan to sell in the future as they don't use them anymore and whether they have any regrets selling any of their old consoles? It would also be interesting to hear about retro consoles that peple are thinking of buying in the near future too.

Anyone my current situation is as follows:

The consoles I still have and have no plans to sell are:

Amiga 1200 - best way to play SWOS

Dreamcast - still enjoy playing the arcade games such as Crazy Taxi -
Daytona - Soul Calibur - I did briefly consider selling my Dreamcast a few years ago - but when I loaded up a game to see if it was working I ended up playing on it for ages - the graphics with the VGA box looked brill.

PS3 - Still playing Half Life 2 and enjoying Sega releases.

CD32 - Use this for the various PD cds I have and Fire and Ice CD32 version and Super Stardust - the cd drive is very very slow.

Sega Saturn - Radiant Silvergun and some great 2D beat em ups

Sega Mega CD - Snatcher - what a gem and plays all the megadrive cartridges too!

The consoles I may sell are:

Amiga 600 - the Amiga 1200 meets all my needs - this is now boxed

Wii - may upgrade to Wii U - this gets played most by my 3 year old son

Sega 32X - curousity got the better of me with this one - now boxed

Sega Nomad - yet again curousity got the better of me - now boxed

Xbox 360 - unless I get online and download perfect dark this machine gets very little play time.

Consoles I ve sold are:

PS1 - very few PS one games have aged that well - no regrets there - only kept Metal Slug and R-Tpye PSone games to play on PS3.

Xbox - no regrets as the games I played were compatible on Xbox 360

Amiga 500 - I didn't sell this - unfortunately my parents sold this - and threw out 500+ PD games too - best not to think too much about that.

Gamecube - no regrets as could play the games on the Wii

Sega Megadrive - no regrets as could play games on sega mega cd

N64 - the console that I probably have the most regrets about selling- really enjoyed Goldeneye - Perfect Dark - Super Mario - Conkers Bad Fur Day - Have tried to get these games on my modern consoles to compensate - the graphics of the N64 never looked as good when I switched from CRT TV to HDTV.

BBC Micro - some regrets as miss games such as Codename Droid and Imogen - have considered trying to do versions of them on the amiga but have settled for playing them on my pc.

Consoles / Computers I may buy in the future:

I keep toying with the idea of buying a C64 and a SD card reader - If I sell my Amiga 600 and Sega 32X then perhaps this may happen.
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Lord Riton
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The consoles I still have and have no plans to sell are:

- Playstation 1: With arround 70 games, all originals, with manual and box.
- Dreamcast: with 20-25 games, all originals.
- Nintendo 64: with 3 games. Bought it mainly for Mario64 and Zelda64, both great games.
- Neo-Geo: had 7 or 8 games, only 3 left now (ask my mam why.. see below)
- Gameboy Advanced , with 3 or 4 games.
- Amiga 1200 : Not a console, but you placed it there too
- XBOX : with 15 games
- XBOX 360: with 40+ games

The consoles I may sell are:
- None. My house is big enough to keep em all

Consoles I ve sold are:
- None.

Consoles / Computers I may buy in the future:
- The next XBOX, probably.
- A new PC, when i feel my actual needs to be replaced. (Probably not befor 2014).

Consoles/ computers my Mother gave away:
It destroys me an puts me in rage each time i think about it (like now !), but when i was 19, and went to do my military service, my mother tought she could do something usefull for me to help me "grow up", and so took a full bag of games, and hardware stuff and gave it away to some charity organisation........
Part of that "package" :
- My C64 with all games and all programs i created myself...
- My SEGA Saturn with all the games.. i had arround 20 and 15 or 16 were great RPGs... "Panzer dragon Saga", "Shining Force 2", "shining the holy ark"....
- Gameboy (not the advanced), with all games.
- a fiew Neo-Geo games that found also place in the bag....
- Thank you mom, you helped me to grow up.... well, not really..

.. I still love you mom, don't worry, lol

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Cpt. Hindsight
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The consoles I still have and have no plans to sell are:

XBOX: best system for 8/16 Bit emulation on a CRT
PS2: with 40-50 original games
Gamebox: a quite unknown console, able to play GBA carts and emulate some systems
Caanoo: Open Source handheld
C 128 : If an Amiga fits here, my C128 does fit here too
Wii: with 25-30 original games

The consoles I may sell are:


Consoles / Computers I may buy in the future:

Amiga 1200

Consoles I ve sold/ My mom gave away are:

PS1: sold to fund a PS2
Amiga 500: sold to fund an A 1200
Amiga 1200/030/8MB fast: sold in '99.
C64: given away to a girlfriend in the early nineties
Atari 2600 with more than 25 original cartridges and two pre-Atari consoles thrown away/dumbed! by my mom in the late eighties.
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License to Bubble

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I might sell the cd32, just because the other amigas can run everything it does. but i've yet to sell anything so i doubt it.

I want a neo geo, x68000 and pc engine. then i'm all set maybe offload another amiga or two.
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Consoles I have and will not sell:

Atari Lynx
Xbox original
Xbox 360 1 old 1 new
Phat and thinnest ps3s
Wii ( I might have sold this but swmbo wont let me )

and obviously wouldn't sell my 1200s x2, 600 and the Ste s ( though one is broken ) or the modern comps.
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I never sell any system as I collect them. what I plan to buy next is probably an xbox
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Consoles/computers I will never sell:
Amiga CD32
Amiga 500
2x C64c
MPower handheld with GameBoy/GameBoy Color and NES emulators
Vakoss handheld with NES emulator
JXD iGame V3 handheld with MegaDrive, SNES, GBA, GB, GBC emulators
JXD S601 handheld with MegaDrive, SNES, GBA, GB, GBC, PSX, N64 emulators for Android

I don't like my PS2 and 2x mini Mega Drive with built-in games.
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The consoles I still have and have no plans to sell are:
NES, Super Famicom, DS, 3 x GameCube, 2 x C64, 2 x MegaDrive (old & new version), GameGear, PSP , 2 x PS1 (Old & new version), 3 x PS2, 2 x PS3 (JP fat & EU slim), XBox, 4 XBox360 (2 elites & 2 slim JP & EU version), Wii U.
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I have a ps1, a dreamcast, a gamecube with the gameboy player (it is a gameboy and gameboy advance hardware that plugs under the console for those who would't know) with tons of games, connected to a CRT TV.

Also an A500 and an A1200, connected on 2 CRT TV, and a CPC 6128 with a 3"5 drive. For the three machines, about 2000 floppies.

At last, i have a dedicated PC tower with a CRT 14" monitor for coin-op games (complete Mame Plus! 0.142 set), Megadrive/Mega CD/SNES and Pc-engine games (complete set for each), and click and point adventure PC games.

I also use the dreamcast for MSX, Master System and NES games (complete set for each), C64 games (same), and Neo-geo CD games.

I won't sell anything . I think i will replace the emulated SNES by a real Super Famicom very soon, for the only reason that the emulator ZNES doesn't propose correct scanlines.

I had to code a bit to generate all the scanlines files for the vertical coin-op games, and the result is highly satisfying .

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Really really want an Atari Jaguar with Alien vs Predator.
Need to sell my GP2x and cradle etc a it don't get used since I got my Pandora.
Wish I hadn't sold my GameCube -
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Thanks for the replies - its been interesting to see the large collections of retro game machines people have and also to see similar stories of well meaning parents giving away prized consoles.

I forgot to include my handhelds :

PSP - with custom firmware for emulation of megadrive etc
PSP - non custom firmware for PSP games and films
PSP Vita - may sell as haven't played anything on it since Uncharted

NDS - with R4 card to play old Gameboy games
3DS large - not intending to sell
GBA Micro - may sell - can play games on my DS

GBA SP - may sell - can play games on my DS
Sega Nomad - never use but like for it's uniqueness

Sold a GP2X - enjoyed it for emulation but it ate batteries like mad which made it a bit impractical as a handheld. Used funds to get the custom firmware psp.

I had a game gear when I was younger which I sold but I can't remember why as I remember enjoy playing on it.

The thread has motivated me to sort out my Xbox live connection and I am now enjoying Perfect Dark which is easing my regret of selling my N64 - if only an update of Goldeneye was released on xbla.
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The consoles/computers I still have and have no plans to sell are:
- Amiga 1200, Blizzard IV 1230, 32MB, 8GB CF HDD, PCMCIA Adapter + Commodore monitor 1084
- Atari 1040 STFM + Atari SC1224 & Atari SM124 monitors
- Atari 800XL + SDrive Micro
- Atari 130XE
- PSP 2004 cfw (mainly for emulators)
- Playstation 2
- Sony Xperia Play (for use with emulators)
- Atari 2600 jr. + 4 cartrages with around 40 games

The consoles/computers I may sell are:
- Atari 2600 jr.

Consoles/computers I've sold are:
- Atari 800XL, bunch of cassettes many with turbo, printer (back in the days)
- Amiga 1200, 8MB, Mtec 1230, PCMCIA adapter
- Amiga 600
- Amiga 500
- Amiga 1200 + Amtek 8MB expansion card
- Atari 520ST
- Atari 520ST+
- Atari 1040STF

Consoles/computers I may buy in the future:
- Atari Falcon030
- Atari TT
- Atari Mega STE
- some home-built Arcade Cabinet
- Dreamcast

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Can’t rain all the time..

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I will be keeping my modded 360 and PS3

I plan to sell my soft modded Wii soon and maybe get a Wii U in the future.

Plan to buy next year.

New awesome pc.
Aros PC.
OS4 Amiga.
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я€ţя๏ ǥąʍ€я
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Hardware I own

Playstation 1
Playstation 2
Playstation 3
Playstation Portable
Xbox 360
Nintendo Wii
Nintendo 3DS

Amiga 500 w/Ram Expansion

Hardware I plan to buy

Amiga 1200
Amiga CD32
and other cd based consoles

Hardware that I used to own but broke

Nintendo 8bit
Atari 7800

Hardware I plan to sell
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I only sell things I regret buying, main ones were a 32X and Jaguar (complete waste of money both of them).

Currently own

Sega Multimega
Playstation 2
Playstation 3
NTSC Top Loader NES
NDS Lite
2 PC's

400-500 original games for the above with 140ish of them being carts for the Snes.

Then there is my beloved A1200T 060@66mhz with 64mb ram, 100GB hd, Z-IV board, X-Surf, GVP Spectrum graphics card etc.

@OP you are playing the wrong playstation games if you think none have aged well it has loads of great shoot em ups and driving games, even ridge racer still looks okay and that was the launch title.
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Originally Posted by Kitty View Post
New awesome pc.
Aros PC.
OS4 Amiga.
Do you think you really have time for all of that?
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Going nowhere

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None of my Amigas have ever been sold.

All of my past PC's and laptops have ended up being scrapped.

PS1 (all three of them) all got sold
PS2 got sold
PS3 I still have, and will likely keep solely because of Bluray
Wii is hacked and costs nothing to have around and keeps the boy happy
DS has Acekart 2 and costs nothing to have around and keeps the boy happy

Past stuff like SNES and Megadrive, all sold
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I had nearly all consoles from Master System to PS2 , all sold.
I had an A500 , A6OO , 2xA1200 ,all sold.
I had a Chameleon 64 , sold.

I have a Minimig with ARM 4mb and Loriano's case , won't sell it (always waiting for sps support)!!

I will probably buy an FPGA Arcade as Yaqube is in this project and did already a lot for the Minimig (thanks to him for his hard work !!)

For my daughters a Wii hacked and gave them a 3ds , they are happy !!
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