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Double clicking on an .adf file

Hey, as a longtime amiga fan, i think that the UAE environment (and AIAB) are absolutely great.

however, Is there a small app or something that can launch a floppy image just by double clicking on the .adf file? While I can figure out waht to do, my parents sure cant

any help would be appreciated

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You could do it but it would suck
You do not mention what OS you are using
And not all games will work with the same configuration!
Plus what if somes don't work on Winuae but work on Winfellow?
See the problem here?

If you must persist with doing so, try this on Win98 SE
Right click an .adf whilst holding shift
Select "Open with"
Then find Winaue
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What would be nice is if you could click on a config (as a shortcut) that would know which WinUAE version to load, and the proper config with the path of the adf(s). Now, THAT would rock!
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I have ADFView installed, when I double click on an adf file, the contens are displayed if it's an Amigados disk. Now, that's useful.
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So do I but it only shows to the contents of some disks
But it "opens" the directorys but not explores in the same explorer
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Old 30 September 2002, 05:21   #6
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Ok, I tried the File>Open with trick, it works if I enable the DFO image in >Floppies tab of WINAUE.

However, what I need is something that when clicked, will run the WINAUE program with a certain config (command line, i can do that).. but without displating the dialog.

If the dialog came up, it would just confuse my parents no end :

BTW, I'm running WinXP on a Celeron 1100mhz with 256mb of RAM and a GF4.

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You can easily associate the .uae file type (the config files) with the WinUAE application within Windows Explorer, which will allow you double click on a config file, causing WinUAE to be loaded using that configuration. If you've saved the configuration with the "Show GUI on startup" checkbox unchecked, that will cause the game to be loaded automatically, without having to go through WinUAE's GUI. I tend to go a bit beyond that myself by setting up a shortcut to the configuration file, simply because that allows me to give the shortcut a name such as "Shadow of the Beast" that just looks a bit friendlier to a novice. You can also put these shortcuts wherever you like, such as in a folder on the Windows desktop, so that anyone who uses them won't have to navigate to the directory that all of the configs are stored in. Hope this helps!
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