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Old 10 October 2012, 22:21   #1
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DualPNG and OS4 icons on OS3

Using DualPNG and OS4.1 icons on OS3.# Requires AfA:
Or latest Icon.library:

KensV4 (46 high)
OS4 Icons (46 high)
Icons Scaled to 46 high:

I have scaled most of the freely available OS4.1 icons and icons by Lorraine Design to 46 high. Not sure how the authors would feel about these being distributed, will look into this...

Tools to create your own icons from any image:
ImageConverter can create DualPNG glowicons out of PNG images with transparency:
IconMaker Scripts for ImageConverter and Join:
Add transparency to images with an Image Processor like ArtEffect or PPT:
OptiPNG can be used to crop the first image from gif (snip) animations and DualPNG icons (fix - use copies!). This is the 040fpu version from Aminet with added scripts to make things easier:
SGrab is useful for grabbing screenshots to crop and convert:
Rename all those PNG icons on Aminet e.t.c. from .info back to .png with a tool like MultiRen so they can be converted by ImageConverter:
KDEView for icon copying:

Some of mine:


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Wow great work, thanks for sharing

I'll try some of these on my AmigaOne and OS3.9 AfA setup
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Old 19 December 2012, 16:16   #3
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Thanks for your comments.
Meant to reply sooner... I will post up some more of my icons once I have sorted them out. In the meantime I have updated the original post a little, and here is an icon for Retrofan:

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Thanks a lot mate. Although it's very hard to use a real image as an icon; it has to be much easier with a drawing.

I like a lot also your icons of the first post.
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Old 21 August 2015, 03:04   #5
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James I see that some of the links are now broken.

These last days I've had to create some icons to work with a program that doesn't work with 3.5 icons.

For what I've seen there are two ways:

- To use your great IconMaker program (included in AKReal, needs FPU as it uses ImageConverter).

- Or to use "Join". That's the one Ken Lester uses. In my distro just typing from Cli "Join" it will open and it's just to take two png images and save them as whatever.info

To convert some old icons I obtained the images using a script I have to get both pngs with alpha channel with ImageConverter (normal -_n- and selected -_s-).

ImageConverter Sys:#?.info -of Ram:%f_n -f PNG -img 0
ImageConverter Sys:#?.info -of Ram:%f_s -f PNG -img 1
In one of the icons (for the WBArmy game) I found it only had the old images in the icon, so using IconEdit I saved them first, later I converted them to 32bits with Ultimate Paint in the Pc and finally I joined them.

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Old 26 May 2017, 15:35   #6
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Thought it was about time I posted up a collection of the KensV4 style icons I have built to fill in the many gaps. My ultimate (unachievable) goal is to have DualPNG icons for everything. The vast majority are aimed at RTG programs although I have experimented with making a few for WHDLoad games. A few icons need reworking/fixing/replacing, but I've left them in for now.


Just a few of the included icons:

Click image for larger version

Name:	KensV4StyleIcons.jpg
Views:	46
Size:	306.7 KB
ID:	53240

All of these icons are all built on the works of others such as Ken, Mason, cha05e90 e.t.c. Some like the ImageFX icons are conversions from KenV3 to KenV4.
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Old 26 May 2017, 20:15   #7
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Very nice! I wish we could have some sort of plug and play workbench pack for this, like classicwb with dualpng icons
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Old 26 May 2017, 22:45   #8
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Thanks James!

A lot of new ideas for fresh looking icons. Great! This set gets a good place in my collection.
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