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Upgrading Magellan to Amikit version

I've got the Magellan disks till 5.80 and I've upgraded to 5.82 with the updates of Aminet. BTW remember not to extract them, but copy them to the miggy and extract them in ram, because if not it won't work and it will tell you " "Woops! Cannot find the patch archive. Required archive: Opus....Patch.lha" .

I'm installing it over a CWB39 with some updated Libs, like icon.library. I've changed the "Expansion" drawer it has and now it's in System-Utilities-Expansion, as I know Amikit has installed OPus5 there. I've copied also some programs from Expansion from the Real Amikit.

Then I've renamed my Opus5 as Opus5_Original and copied the original Opus5 from Amikit.

Booting now it works. I've deleted (right click on screen, settings, Users Menus) Amikit from it.

I've also moved to a new drawer named "Disabled" in WBStartup ToolsDaemon from CWB39. The same with Cooper.

As I was having a message about "Can't find Amikit" I've put in the User-startup a new command:
Assign Amikit: "System:" . Edit: Perhaps now it isn't necessary, it could be because of the place I had stored my wallpaper.

I only have a doubt now. In the lister menu,the one of the icons, in the windows, the second option, that I use to change to Show as Icons to show as lister (yes, you can do it also with right click), it doesn't work.

Any have an idea where to look at or how to make it work?

Edit: Ups. I see now. Right click on screen, edit lister toolbar, edit function... It must be a problem with Arexx, but SnoopDos doesn't tell me any problem clicking on that button, although it does nothing.

It's the Arexx Cyclemode. It does nothing.

EDIT: Got it working!! Jeje. I saw it wasn't running the same instruction in my Amikit 16 colors and in this CWB39, surely it had a wrong copy, as now I've copied the Dopus5 (again) from one to another and everything works.

...So now I've got the more updated DOpus Magellan running with CWB39, and anything Amikit related.

Surely I will pulish this WB a little and will post a photo ... today:

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