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Thanks mates.
Umm, The situation of "Golden Axe" was similar to "Final Fight 2"(SNES).
A female charactor was one of 3 charactors (including male) you can choose.
A male charactor kidnaped was not alone. Another female charactor was also kidnaped.

So "Bride of Frankenstein" was better title I want.
But it was a really rare case that it was also the game main charactor was an ugly fat woman.

Therefore "Kyrandia 2" is the best (?!) for me...
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In the early 90s i imagined a follow up of Ghosts'n'Goblins called Girls'n'Ghosts where is the princess to have to save the butt of Arthur but nobody took the initiative to do it
(and the fact that they need to go at the same darn incompetent blacksmith did not help - referred to the dorkly animation so that she end up fighting in lingerie)
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Wait, Link is not a girl??

Isn't this something Tomb Raider (and many others) later addressed??

Lady Sia - not saving men, but world... platformer on GBA. Fun little game...
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Let me put one more post not to forget the name:

Maria vs. Some Bastards (ZX Spectrum)

According readme file, Maria saves Willy who had been kidnapped.
It also looks nice graphics even though the game was designed for 48K.
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Does not Gov. Marley save Guybrush ?

Link ? Gender Fluid

Rayne (BloodRayne) ?

Commander Shepard ?

Elizabeth (BioShock) ?

Emily Kaldwin (Dishonored 2)

Evie + Aveline (Assassin’s Creed's)

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What about Secret of Monkey Island 2? The game starts with Guybrush hanging from a rope and Elaine swings down... I don't remember what happens at after that since it's a flashback and I finished the game about 15 years ago.
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