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Old 27 September 2012, 00:01   #1
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Both Infuriating and Addictive Games.

Absolutely fuming at the moment.
Arcade Pool is *the* most annoying game ever.
9.5hrs straight and I didnt win *once*.
Roughly 400 games in a row, without winning once (computer lost a few times, but thats different to winning).
After 3hrs I was sick of it, but after playing a game for so long without winning once (game only lasts upto about 90 seconds) I persisted, and persisted, and persisted. Started at 10.15pm, its now 7.45am.
So freaking peeved at the moment that I was physically ill.

I dont remember it being so damn hard. Perhaps the demos where different (Ive been playing Amiga Format cover disk demo version). The computer cheats too, which is a little irritating. I dont say this cos of being frustrated at the moment, it actually does cheat. Gives itself and extra turn here and there, pulls off absolutely ridiculous shots (balls bouncing off other balls, bouncing off other balls, which bounce of other balls which angle a ball into a pocket.
Despite this though I bet I try again later. It's an off mix of addictive and infuriating to the nth degree.
Finally gave up as my amiga was soooo very close to getting stabbed to death.

Anyone else ave any games that have got them so riled? I suspect more simplistic games have this effect as there's no room to think, or variety, so the anger just builds and builds.

heh, just saw myself in the mirror. I have veins throbbing in my foreead, which is a new look for me.

so freaking pissed......
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Old 27 September 2012, 01:03   #2
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Not quite as evil as your experience, but I remember that when we played Deluxe Galaga in the league here. I kept trying and trying, but I sucked badly at the game I actually enjoyed playing it... for some strange reasons Even if I didn't post any scores after my about half million points attempt, I kept coming back to the game to get my behind handed to me over and over again Even now I have that strange urge to play it, even if I know that I'm not good at it and that I'll literally bite into my joypad every second round
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Old 27 September 2012, 01:52   #3
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Mr. Nutz, I played it as a teenager and I literally punched the desk and screamed at the screen. I had reached the second or third flying stage where suddenly the flying controls, which were fairly simple, got far more complicated, getting higher was extremely difficult and I just got frustrated after about half an hour. Otherwise, the game was nice with good graphics
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Old 27 September 2012, 02:07   #4
Sektor 83
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Saint Dragon... definitely Saint Dragon
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Old 27 September 2012, 03:08   #5
2 contact me: email only!

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I can't believe you could play it for 9.5 hours in a row! Amazing...
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Old 27 September 2012, 06:12   #6
Join Date: Jul 2010
Location: Australia
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In hindsight me either
I only put it on for "a few quick games". Figured Id play until I won one game.

Nine and a half ours later............

I should maybe destroy that disk. It's a very real threat to the safety of my Amiga

Funny thing is I actually own the original for CD32, but have been playing the demo 'cos I have no optical drive for my Amiga.
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Old 27 September 2012, 07:01   #7
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Kick off 2 had that effect on me when it first came out. It was f:ing difficult to best the computer and win the wc, I hated and loved it. My Tac2s spent a lot of time in flight mode... Then Sensi came out and I could shelf kick off

Couple of years ago I played the same level on C.O.D. 4(?)on my PS3 over and over for a couple of weeks, just couldn't kill those granade throwing respawning nazis. Was so mad those 2 weeks, it ended with me punching down on the seat of a chair with full force. Somehow I completly busted my pinkie, and the pinkie "knuckle" is still gone Bested the level later, when I again could grip the controller hehe
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Old 27 September 2012, 08:29   #8
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definitively Saint Dragon

Last edited by JudasEZT; 01 October 2012 at 09:17.
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Old 27 September 2012, 09:16   #9
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After hours of playing Bejeweled 3 I can not beat my highscore in Diamond Mine mode anymore. I think game is more addictive than Worms 1 or 2. I found this game by accident.

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Old 27 September 2012, 11:01   #10
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After finally getting some decent rest (cant believe I more or less had an all nighter for the sake of winning a game ), this is kinda funny

I must congratulate myself on managing to get the idea across without it being a totally meaningless rant Got myself so damned worked up chasing that elusive win.
I suspect lack of sleep played a big part in this by the end. As Im sure anyone who's grown up playing video games will know a lack of sleep becomes like a weird intoxication after a while, and I was pretty "drunk"
I really wanted to go off at something, break something, smash glass, do something that made a big satisfying noise, but thankfully I guess, Im currently living in flats, and mine shares a wall with a neighbor so was mindful of not going off too much
There was also this little nagging voice in the back of my mind saying, "youll regret it", that helped me refrain In the end I opted for throwing an empty can of Pringles a few times at the wall Made a satisfying noise and I got to exert some physical force.

The things we do hey?

Very silly, very tired, but no real harm done
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Old 27 September 2012, 11:36   #11
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Super Meat Boy had that effect on me, I couldn't give up until I had finished everything 100%, which can be really annoying!
Stages such as the "The Kid" ones are infuriating!

EDIT - another cool game that frustrated me greatly is "Road Blaster" (the arcade one)... I played it in Daphne and recorded a longplay, and I decided I wanted to record the full game without losing any lives... I ended up losing one life on the final stage and figured that would have to be good enough as I was so very pissed off
I had started the whole thing over countless times, and being a quicktime event game, that means I'd seen the same scenes over and over, so many times!

(The longplay in question - [ Show youtube player ])

EDIT 3 - Just remembered another game that I like but that frustrates the hell out of me - Netherworld for the C64!
I've only finished the game twice, ever, and I doubt I'll do it again... the time limits are just too strict, imo.

Last edited by laffer; 27 September 2012 at 11:58.
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Old 27 September 2012, 12:00   #12
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Biiing!! It´s definitely Biiing!!. Did I mention Biiing!!?

I´ve tried that so often but always failed.

yes it´s Biing!!!!!11!
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Old 27 September 2012, 14:49   #13
Join Date: Jul 2010
Location: Australia
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I used to love the graphics in Netherworld on c64. That and IO arent spoken of highly of as they deserve to be in my opinion as far as c64 shooter graphics go.
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Old 28 September 2012, 16:17   #14
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St Dragon is certainly a frustrating game, it's one I'd really like to finish, but I've never been able to.

Netherworld on the 64 I've never played. I do have it, but I like the music on the crack intro so much that I've never managed to play the actual game.
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Old 30 September 2012, 22:18   #15
Sektor 83
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St. Dragon is one of those games where it frustrates the life out of me, to a nearly-throwing-joysticks-across-the-room level, but I still enjoy absolutely every second that I play it! That game is pretty much like a sore tooth that I just can't stop touching!
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Old 01 October 2012, 23:07   #16

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SWOS made me go through a whole bunch of joysticks cos they would normally end up the other side of the room in bits after impacting the wall.
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