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Elite IV Wishlist

Often often when i was flying across the galaxy in Frontier, I would contemplate what would enchance the game.

What with the ever eternal rumblings of Elite IV (old Braben hasnt exactly speeded up has he? Frontier was 2 to 3 years too late if you ask me) I wondered what other fans of the series would like in this hypothetical sequel?

I know the logistics of being able to play Elite IV online would be problematic to say the least(how would you get round the time issues???), but I would really relish being in a virtual galaxy inhabitated by REAL people. I still think you should have the option to play offline mind.

Always thought it would be excellent if you could get out of your pilot seat. You know? The game would change to a FPS environment, you could wander about your ship if its large enough - equally engage with your crew if you have any.

But more importantly to actually LEAVE your spacecraft, as in after you dock into a space station or planet base to be able to explore it yourself. If it was online, you could meet other real life pilots whilst walking around these places - the experience would so add to the feeling of being in another world, even if it was an offline version with bots.

Not sure about whether it would be feasable to do this outside your ship in space or on a barren planet. Might be a bit much to ask.

Oh and one thing - space is BLACK!!! - NOT BLUE Braben!!!
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Online-Universe.net, the sequal to the upcoming game X2, is supposed to be just this. Although, seeing how it's not David Braben and how much they left out of X, I'm anticipating Elite IV more.
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Old 24 September 2002, 19:03   #3
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The thing about running the "universe" on the net is brilliant. We all would share the same universe and everyone would affect each other...

This might be massive though, but Id like to see it done!
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Old 24 September 2002, 19:12   #4
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I found this

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Tim Janssen
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My Elite IV wishlist...

... A bug-free game. (Sorry, I just couldn't resist )
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Eve is going to be an online space trading etc... game



I also had the "leave your space-ship" idea too, around the time that Doom came out... but of course i didn't include the online idea....

if you could leave your ship, you have some really interesting missions!!!

Space walks to asteroids etc... would be cool

walking around your own ship would be cool, you could also be a stow away on someone else ship,

i don't want the control space stations idea, turns the game into a "Football Manager" game
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Old 24 September 2002, 22:45   #7

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Yeah, we could leave the ship and walk like in a FPS.

Then we could have missions where we would need to kill aliens in a planet. So we could also collect new weapons, and you could change them by pressing 1-9. Also, we have to make sure the aliens look the same. Those missions will need to take months to finish, and they will keep you doing the same thing over and over and over (i.e , kill stupid aliens). Then we could also have a "Deathmatch option" where the pilots could just kill each other, and the one with most kills after the time is the winner.
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Old 25 September 2002, 00:05   #8
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Or you could make the whole thing 2d and have missions where you have to jump over moon craters and collect 50% of all the minerals in order to get to the next playfield where you can do the whole thing over again.

What the world needs is an all-in-one swiss army game.
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Old 26 September 2002, 14:54   #9
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i like the idea of walking around and stow-awaying on someone elses ship, also i think signing up with the military and being given control of military craf would be a great addition.
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