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Old 03 September 2012, 22:50   #41
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Paradroid 90
Road kill
North and south
Thank you
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I hope these will be IPFed if not yet in the SPS IPF library
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Old 15 September 2012, 23:54   #43
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Any news?
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Old 02 December 2012, 13:04   #44

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Any more news on these games?
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Old 12 December 2012, 20:21   #45
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"We have a lot of boxed games, to many to list!"

You can't leave us with that!

3 months has passed, any news would be good news!
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Old 12 December 2012, 21:08   #46

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Send a message via MSN to FOL
We are still going through boxes when we can.
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Old 02 March 2013, 23:23   #47
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how is this going then?

seems like a lot of boxes..

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Old 02 March 2013, 23:26   #48
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Lemmings, (and version) will they work on a NTSC machine, btw?
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Old 03 March 2013, 01:52   #49
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Click image for larger version

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Old 03 March 2013, 04:22   #50
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Displaying 1 to 24 (of 24 products) <- That's a lot of listed games! (sarcasm)
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Old 17 September 2013, 17:53   #51
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I will offer my serviceses and travel to England and work for free to get this going

Are you taking reservations in this thread still?

Will you update via this thread when done?
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Old 17 September 2013, 18:13   #52
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I can understand that it is quite some work to create a list of which and how many games there are, but surely selling a few of those games (which will surely happen) would justify the invested time? Over a year seems to a bit long when so many people declared interest to buy titles.
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Old 17 September 2013, 18:27   #53
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It sure does! I keep buying used games in various conditions from overpriced re-sellers...

To think that there are NEW and even shrink wrapped games just laying around...

I would think (hope) that Amigakit would price these games more fairly and would love to buy the games I'm after from them instead of other re-sellers!

If you have made some progress over the last year and cataloged some of the games, maybe putting those up for sale would be a start??

Anyways if you take reservations here, this is what I'm looking for:

Another World, Arkanoid 2, Turrican 3, Apidya, Cabal, Cadaver, Crazy Cars 3, Crystal Kingdom Dizzy, Deliverance, Dick Tracy, Dogs Of War, Fire Power, Gee Bee Air Rally, Gravity Force, Giana Sisters, Hard'n'Heavy, IK+, It came from the desert, Leisure Suit Larry 1, Leisure Suit Larry 2, Leisure Suit Larry 3, Leisure Suit Larry 5, Lionheart, Nicky Boom 1, Nicky (Boom) 2, Obsession, P.P. Hammer, Slam Tilt, Speris Legacy, Street Rod, Oswald (on the iceflows), Super Oswald, Ugh!, Vroom, Worms D.C., Zak McKracken, Pang, Giganoid, GODS, Hybris, Mortal Combat 2, Dragon's Lair 1, Dragon's Lair 1 - Alternate version, Dragon's Lair 2, Dragon's Lair 3, Space Ace 1,
Space Ace 2

Fingers crossed
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Old 18 September 2013, 17:23   #54
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If it was my business I would put aside an hour a day going through the games, as it is easy enough to spot games that have a lot of value even for someone like me who isn't a dealer you just put aside full price releases of various publishers or specific games like SotB with T-shirt etc and at least that way you get some sold and easily cover your time/costs looking through the stock.

It actually suits me anyway as if the current collection I made of a certain publisher had rare titles shrinkwrapped for sale at Amigakit it would seriously devalue my collection which I will be dumping on ebay shortly
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