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Video Toaster Art Calendar

We are busy putting the final touches on the 2003 Amiga Art Calendar. If you have any final submissions please submit them to discreetfx@yahoo ASAP while you still can. I want to thank everyone for your submissions and good luck. We discovered there are still tons of talented Amiga artists in the world that know how to create some beautiful art on the Amiga. Calendars should be available in late October or early November for those that wish to purchase one. If the 2003 Amiga Art Calendar is a success it will be continued next year.

The AAC was actuality just a test bed to gage interest in a much bigger project The 2004 Video Toaster Art Calendar. This Calendar will be available in September of 2003 so artists have plenty of time to submit their work. A proper professional website is being designed right now with Macromedia Dreamweaver that you will be able to e-mail your work; It will be online in January 2003. Until then please submit any art you want considered to discreetfx@yahoo.com

Just a few simple rules for artists.

1. Art can be submitted in any image format but must be Print Resolution. Uncompressed formats are strongly recommended like TARGA, IFF24, Etc.

2. The Video Toaster (any version) must be used to create 100% of the art. This means no Photoshop 7, Paintshop Pro, Photogenics 5, MS Paint or Deluxe Paint 5! This still gives you the freedom to create your art in Aura 2.5 or any version of Lightwave 3D even if you don’t own a Video Toaster because these apps come bundled with it. You can even create your masterpiece in Toasterpaint 1.0 if you so desire! If you use any 3D objects in your artwork they must be modeled and rendered with Lightwave 3D of course. You are also welcome to use the Amiga version of TV Paint since this program became Newtek Aura DV.

3. Scanned photographs that have been enhanced with the Video Toaster will be considered. What this means is that if you have captured a picture of your wife or other artifact into the Toaster and used it as a basis to a piece of still artwork we will consider it. One of the features of the Video Toaster has always been capturing video stills or photographs and enhancing them. Does this mean you can draw your masterpiece in Photoshop or MS Paint then point a video camera at it and capture it into the Toaster and submit it? No!

4. Of course ownership of all submitted art stays with the artist. In fact one of the features of the Video Toaster Art Calendar is to promote the artist, giving links to their webpage and a full bio.

5. After enough sales recoup the cost of printing and promoting the calendar artists will get a percentage of each sale via paypal.

6. This will be a high-end Calendar, no expense will be spared. High quality paper and a professional service bureau will be used for final output. Seen the calendars in the store? Expect something even better than that!

7. Judges will be well known people from the Video Toaster community.

8. One of the goals of the Video Toaster Art Calendar is to get something in the hands of people that may not know anything about the Video Toaster, Lightwave or Aura. It will be an all year promotion tool for Newtek products that will hang on the wall of hopefully thousands of potential new customers for Newtek. Example; “Hey Bob thanks for inviting me over for your big Texas barbeque, by the way what is a Video Toaster? I just bought a video camera to shoot videos of the kids, is it something I could use?”

9. Artists please only submit your very best art, the competition will be fierce.

10. The last few pages of the calendar will have paid advertisers. If you want potential new customers to know about your Video Toaster plug-ins or add-ons here is a good place to start. Remember it is an all year ad.

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did this ever happen (seriously, I'd like some )

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OMG! I thought it was 2009

It is 2009. Phew! Like what Paul S says
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Wow indeed, just saw an episode of Computer Chronicles with some of the effects shown and I would like to see more!
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